Man charged with rape of a child walks free as Bethel’s weak prosecution team was delivered another defeat today!


NASSAU| Carl “Can’t Win a Case” Bethel’s team at the Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) lost another big case today in the courts. And the record is proving that Bethel is the worst Attorney General the country has seen in recent years.

Colyn Algreen, who was charged with rape of a minor, was discharged by a jury today.

Here the history: Colyn Algreen was arrested in November 2019, after a woman known to him discovered that her son’s anus was torn and bruised after the young boy had gone out with Algreen to get food.

He pleaded not guilty to sexual intercourse with a minor of the same sex during his trial before Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson.

So today as evidence unfolded and legal arguments went back and forth over the past few days the jury returned a 8-1 not guilty verdict. Bahamians need to start paying close attention to these cases!

Devard Francis and Miranda Adderley led the defence for Algreen. Chief Counsel Eucal Bonamy prosecuted for the DPP.

Now this is the second defeat in the court on major matters out of the AG Office. A mass exodus from the DPP office due to the poor treatment of workers and Bethel has been deemed the MOST WUTLESS ATTORNEY GENERAL OF ALL TIME!

Just earlier this week prosecutor Terry Archer lost his case representing the CROWN in the courts against Able Seaman Jevon Seymour who was charged in the murder of RBDF Petty Officer Percival Paul.

The value of life in the Bahamas has descended lower than a snake belly, and if BP didn’t have such a wide global audience we would have made the description worse than that!

Carl ‘Can’t Win A CASE’ Bethel is a national disgrace and we see now why Former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham slammed the door on Bethel back in 2009 and kicked him out his Cabinet and brought in John Delaney Q.C. to deal with legal matters for the CROWN!

Bethel cannot protect the innocent! His poor leadership cannot protect or defend the dead even when they serve the country! He weak leadership has led to the departure of experienced talented prosecutors! And his Wutless Poor  ‘Can’t Win A CASE’ record has made a joke and mockery of the CONSTITUTION! BOY BP IS HOT TONIGHT!

Oh by the way it’s ‘Can’t Win A CASE’ birthday today – but just look at the mess the country is in under him! “WUTLESSNESS”!

We report yinner decide!