Man shot in the face over “Wonder Bread”! Another Atlantis Employee shot in Lizzy last night over “BREAD”! – Victim in hospital – suspect now captured by police was on bail and wearing the ankle bracelet!


Persons on bail are committing crimes…

File photo is how a face shot victim can appear sometimes....

>>> How can anyone ever recover – MENTALLY – after experiencing something like this. THIS IS A FILE PHOTO – and is not the actually photo of the victim….

Nassau, Bahamas — Police in the Elizabeth Estates tracked down another ankle bracelet suspect who shot another man in Lizzy last night.

BP team live at PMH hospital confirm the both men were in the Elizabeth Estates area when an argument began.

Bahamas Press can confirm that fight was over a woman – [MISS WONDER BREAD].

We can report that the row escalated to a high drama and the suspect on bail, who we have identified as 34-year old Tyrone, then opened fire on his victim who BP identified as Angus – the Atlantis employee.

After shooting his victim in the face, Tyrone attempted to run, but detectives, now heavy on the ground, were able to track him down, pinpoint his location and make a successful arrest. Tyrone is also a resident of Elizabeth Estates.

The near deadly altercation over “bread” was at Australia Avenue, Elizabeth Estates around 10:30pm Sunday night.

WHY ARE SO MANY ankle bracelet wearing persons on bail re-offending? What in the hell are they doing out on the streets after sunset? WE REALLY HAVE TO FIX THIS!

The victim is recovering in hospital, but get this: Bullard is a married man – GO FIGURE!

BP is live in Lizzy –

We report yinner decide!