Man who was a suspect in the murder of Chinese citizen Wing Hong Chan back in January 2012 was the 88th murdered victim…


20-year-old Cleophas Clarke was awaiting retrial for the murder of the Asian visitor – he was walking around on bail…

20-year-old Cleophas Clarke met his fate last Monday.

Nassau, Bahamas — One group in the Bahamas not to fool with is the Chinese. Now BP is late again on this report, but now that we were catching up with the news, we were shocked.

The Country’s 88th murder was a young 20-year-old who was known to police and was indeed another suspect held for the murder of a Chinese shot dead on the Chinese New Year on January 22nd, 2012.

WING HONG CHAN, whom we knew at the time, was born in Hong Kong. He was 45 years old and was out at a home on Village Road when some dark creature shot him fatally in the head and fled into the darkness with his cellphone.

When the incident occurred, we warned the killer to “TURN HIMSELF IN QUICKLY!” We told the killer and his family via our website that we knew this would not end well, “…as we know as the ‘Chinese Triad’ is said to be on the lookout for him, and shall execute ‘Chinese Justice’ in revenge for Wing Hang’s murder.”

We added, “Whenever you see someone floating in Nassau’s Harbour, that just may be Wing Hong’s killer.”

But who listens to BP? The family was protecting Cleophas Clarke in their Carter’s Close Home off Yamacraw Beach Estates.

Clarke had the dead man’s phone when agents of the ‘Chinese Triad’ tracked him down last year. By the time his trial had come about, Clarke’s case had concluded in a hung jury and he was released awaiting a retrial.

Now BP has warned these people who does go around killing people, this is not the Bahamas of yesteryear! If ya kill people, someone ga kill you. It is as simple as that. You may get off the system – but the course of natural justice will take its course.

And so here is was last Monday night as Clarke was standing in front of his Yamacraw home, basking in the spirit of freedom, idle in the breeze of the southern winds, someone from nowhere had tracked him down and shot him dead with a bullet wound to the head.

The retrial was set for February next year – but when the court convenes – the shout of: “No Appearance Your Worship” shall be heard.

Before the young man’s death, an eyewitness said the person who killed him had to know him. It was said they drove into the front of the home, called Clarke out, talked with him for a while and then gunshots were fired.

As we said before – the last people in the world to fool with is the ‘Chinese Triad’ – dey don’t play…

We report yinner decide.