Murder victim #113 since 2009 dies with knife in hand on the kitchen floor


Nassau, Bahamas – Clinching a knife in his hand as he fell to the kitchen floor of the couple’s apartment was a Defense Force officer who became the country’s latest homicide victim. It was shortly around 9 pm last even when police were called to the scene of an apartment on Faith Avenue North.

When they arrived officers discovered the marine dead as a doornail in the small apartment. A woman who police discovered is the wife of the victim, sat idle in the corner perhaps in shock or disbelief that she had just killed her companion. It is unknown how long the couple had lived in the complex nor whether they hand any children together, what we do know though is that the were both embroiled in an domestic dispute at the time of the death. The woman telling police that they both wrestled for the gun and the next thing she knew her husband was dead.

Our deep throat on the Royal Bahamas Police Force also tell us though the victim was discovered in the kitchen, the murder weapon was found in the bedroom. “We cannot accept that story, for if the victim was wrestling for the murder weapon how did he end up in the kitchen with a knife and the weapon in the bedroom something went wrong but the self defense story is not adding up.”

The woman allegedly told police the dead officer who surname is Leonardo Black , a 27 year-old, was indeed in an argument with her when she asked him to leave the home. It was then told that when the officer attempted to leave he change his mind demanding that he was paying all the bills. Police were then told of the struggle for the murder weapon began and a single shot was fired fatally striking the marine in the upper body.

We also know according to police and neighbours nearby there was some distance in time before the wife made the call to alert anyone to the scene following the sequence of events.

“She is trying to say it was accidental, but that don’t sound so to us. We need to interview more people,” our deep throat said.

The officer is the 25th murdered victim for the year and the 113th since 2009.