Mid-term Budget is by far the the most disgusting displays of deflection, lying, pomposity, self-promotion by the FNM!


The Editor

Bahamas Press

11th March, 2021.

In a recent letter to Bahamas Press I stated that “Instead, what we saw during the mid-term budget debate farce was perhaps one of the most disgusting displays of deflection, lying, pomposity, self-promotion and pandering ever seen in our parliament. And the speaker as usual was useless.”.

Wednesdays debate was even more disgraceful especially as FNM parliamentarians sought to gain political brownie points by pretending to sympathise with PLP parliamentarian Picewell Forbes who, they say was treated disrespectfully by the PLP. Mr. Forbes stated why he is retiring
from politics. That reason has been accepted and unless the FNM has even more confidential insights into the PLP,s inner workings that is the end of that.

However, when you look at who led this failed attempt to smear PLP leadership you see another futile attempt to deflect and distract us from real not supposed FNM incompetence and lies. The leader of this charade was the member for North Abaco; the FNM poster boy for incompetence and lack of empathy. Indeed, rather than concern himself with PLP busines the member should be focusing on his own constituency and explaining.

 Why more than a year after the passage of Hurricane Dorian many of his
constituents are still destitute, desperate, and homeless.

 Unidentified human remains stored and allowed to deteriorate in refrigerator tracks, then disposed of like so much garbage.

 What happened to the Dome houses.

 Why are much needed supplies being allowed to deteriorate and rot in

 What happened to the millions of taxpayer funds used in the so-called clean up as well as millions of donor funds all of which are not fully accounted for.

 Does he think that unaudited statements of the Abaco recovery efforts is
sufficient given the allegations of rampant corruption in contract granting,
amounts of the contracts and non-completion of contract work is acceptable.

 Why are the criminals who rampaged across Abaco in the aftermath of Dorian and allegedly known to their many victims are still loose on the island; and when will he resign in shame and disgrace.

No one is saying that the minister was responsible for Dorian. However, given the breath-taking incompetence shown by him and agencies in his constituency in its aftermath he is ultimately responsible for the welfare of his constituents.

This member has no shame; with his constituency still reeling from Dorian one year after its passage he is concerning himself with other peoples business and not the rampant unemployment, crime, and despair of his constituents.

Abaconians should therefore see his recent house performance as a callous,
despicable attempt to diminish their hurt and pain when that should be his first and only concern.


The Observer