Minnis Government hires UK based Q.C. at TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS A DAY!


Barbara Hanna told the court she is being used! She is still nervous to return to court after collecting a $1.8 million contract by FNM Government at PHA!

Edward Jerkins Q. C.

Nassau – It looks like the article in the Punch, which suggested that members of the Cabinet were in discussions with the case involving former Chairman of the PHA Frank Smith was indeed true.

The case resumes this coming Monday following a long break where the Crown Witness Barbara Hanna told the judge she was not feeling well and later presented the court with a medical certificate suggesting that she was ill.

We at BP understand the Crown is shaken after Hanna said she was not the person who filed the complaint with the police and evaded their inquires. She also told the court she felt that she was being used, and here’s where it gets interesting.

Bahamas Press has learned that the Government through the PHA has awarded Hanna a $1.8 million contract to clean the hospital effective November 2017; taking all the smaller contracts from other vendors at Princess Margaret and awarding them all to Hanna’s company. UNBELEVABLE!

When court resumes Monday we understand UK trained Queen’s Council Edward Jerkins will be taking over the case for the prosecution.

BP understands Jerkins was sought after AG Office prosecutors fumbled the case. We have learned that a senior member of the Cabinet berated OAG staff claiming that the prosecutors were “Incompetent, Unprepared and Lazy”. A senior politician we also understand cussed out one of the lawyers. What is this?

Jerkins would collect a $20,000 per day salary along with perks along with housing and travel allowances.

With the government already having lost in the Frank Smith trial in our view; why yinner think it is necessary to pay thousands in legal fees to a QC?

What is behind all this?

We report yinner decide!

FNM Government awarded Barbara Hanna company on Nov 6th 2017 was awarded a $1.862,978.14 contact by the PHA – WHAT IS THIS?

Virtual Complainant Barbara Hanna and Frank Smith the accused.

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