Minnis Government intends to extend lockdowns to May 30th – while growing numbers of unemployed single mothers cannot get food and rent assistance…


Well, this clearly means no hotel nor the airport will be opening anytime soon in early May…

Hotel workers at Workers House looking for food vouchers last week.
PM Hubert Minnis.

NASSAU| As the greedy White Knights are allowed to open their major stores and rake in millions of dollars, and while Cabinet Ministers collect their six-figure salaries, single mothers and the poor are left to buckle under the weight another month of no income, no food and the terror of eviction notices as Prime Minister Hubert Minnis will come to Parliament today to extend the lockdown for another month.

Leaks inside the Minnis Cabinet have assured BP that the PM – who has branded himself as THE COMPETENT AUTHORITY – will extend the lockdown across the country to May 30th.

One political observer who has had his business closed down and staff laid off told BP, “What do they expect us to do? How much longer can we bear the weight of these lockdowns with no income and rents due?

“Will Government Ministers explore giving up their salaries for the next 30 days the same way they are forcing the average Bahamians to give up their salaries? It’s easy for them to lock down single mothers who live from paycheck to paycheck while they collect their fat six-figure salaries from the public purse.”

Bahamas Press is now advancing the position that the country must now move from the fear-mongering during this COVID19 pandemic and exercise the strict culture of social distancing and the wearing of masks and quickly open up the country before permanent damage is done.

The truth of the matter is we can no longer prolong the snail’s pace dragging of the economy along and it sinks to the bottom of the tongue of the ocean. Continuing the present trend will force our local economy to suffer the complete loss and breakdown of the economic life of the country from what we once knew. Does anyone want this? NO!

Hong Kong, which also had COVID-19 treats and death, never stopped its transport systems, never went into any lockdowns, and exercised early in the game many tests and extensive contact tracing exercises using technology. Today, they have enjoyed a second week of NO NEW CASES of COVID-19!? Why? Social Distancing and Masks! And Hong Kong shares the border with Mainland China where the outbreak started!

The reality is the highest risk of COVID-19 is for our seniors. Measures can be put in place for them. For a young person, this is equivalent to a very bad flu – measures can be placed to have them isolated if necessary.

Bahamas Press is calling on the government to relax its lockdowns and began its efforts to open up the economy. Cause we ga tell you now – IF WE CANNOT MAKE MONEY, YOU WILL HAVE NONE TO SPEND! And you can write this year off for sure!

We report yinner decide!