Minnis: Where did our money go?

The OPM and Ministry of Finance.

Dear BP,

As Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and his band of incompetent’s ministers, operatives and liars continue to wreak havoc on our country, we can at least take comfort in the fact that the FNM nightmare will soon be over. Not only will it be over, but Bahamians taxed to within an inch of their lives will soon get answers to that recurring and vexing question, “where did our money go”?

But obviously before we see the backs of the FNM there appears to be even more questionable deals and appointments to be made, and many perceived inappropriate and untoward matters to cover up. Add to this their nearly impossible task of convincing angry and frustrated Bahamians that four years of FNM mismanagement and chaos has not irretrievably damaged our country, we can understand the FNM reluctance in calling a general election. Afterall, what can you expect from a pig but a grunt?

Do not fool yourselves, there are still FNM supporters and devotees out there who found the past four years of the FNM administration simply marvelous. They have received promotions far beyond their ability to perform and this is a recurrent FNM tactic throughout government ministries. These persons are blind to the reality of life in the Bahamas today. They or their families probably benefitted from FNM handouts
so, they will hold their noses, swallow whatever pride they have left and sell their souls once more for a mess of pottage. We must sadly include in this roll call of shame the troubling growth in “police, customs and immigration mattresses”; what a disgrace!

Yet even as the clock ticks towards the end of the most incompetent, arrogant, spendthrift and lying government in the history of our country there are some misguided souls who for their very survival continue to delude themselves and blindly support their benefactors and patron because, they cannot survive on a level playing field with other qualified Bahamians not politically connected.

So, when you hear some Bahamians male or female extolling the virtues of this failed, incompetent FNM government understand that they are fomenting lies designed to further their own agendas not a search for truth. But, to really understand the incompetence and dishonesty of this FNM group you must go back to early 2017 when they borrowed $750 million to pay so called PLP bills totalling they alleged $340 million.

The additional amounts were the then Finance Minister said a “cushion”. To this day, the vendors are still allegedly waiting to be paid and this FNM penchant for borrowing money and not accounting for the funds has continued.

Unsurprisingly, after delivering the most lacklustre and nonsensical budget in recent history the PM made these questionable statements to end the budget debate. “We borrowed to feed our people when the global economy was in meltdown and Bahamians were in need,” Dr Minnis argued. “We borrowed to give our people record amounts of unemployment benefits so they could have some money in their pockets during a global public health crisis. I do not apologise for borrowing to take care of our people. We borrowed so we could support Bahamian businesses. 

We borrowed to help our people get through these tough times, as a
caring government should do. Governments around the world took on debt to support their people. It was a common policy for survival. To not borrow would have meant leaving Bahamians to fend for themselves while the world’s economy was in free fall.” Sadly, Bahamians have yet to see the benefits to themselves or their businesses extolled by the PM. What is certain however is that Bahamian businesses have suffered and failed especially on the Family Islands because of a disjointed irrational FNM covid-19 policy.

Bahamians have lost their homes their families and sometimes their mental health because of this incompetent governments actions which grind the masses to powder and assists its patrons, benefactors, friends, lovers and the FNM elites while many suffering Bahamians still live on the streets or if they are lucky in their cars.

Then according to the Tribune Business report “Dr Minnis’ address did not directly deal with the fiscal details, even as it was disclosed that the government is seeking a $200m guarantee from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to underwrite the bulk of its foreign currency borrowing in the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

This is the depth of the FNM deceptions; all borrowing is supposed to assist Bahamians, yet no one accounts for a penny at least not yet. But of course, no account of the FNM shenanigans and lack of direction and planning would be complete without an idiotic statement from its outgoing Chairman who stated in today’s Tribune that “We have four more to ratify and hopefully, that should be done soon.

Culmer said the party’s candidates are “far superior” to the offerings of other parties, arguing that the FNM’s candidates have a vast amount of knowledge and experience to move the country forward. Culmer also said the party has done much to remove the stigma of corruption from The Bahamas adding that The Bahamas is now listed as one of the least corrupt countries in the world. He said the party does not want to see the good work it has done disrupted. 

These are truly the statements of a delusional person who is singing for his masters. If the Chairman were serious at least he could check his statement on reduced corruption. He could start by reading the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index from 2017 to 2020 on the Bahamas and witness first-hand our country’s downward trend in the rankings. As regards the quality of his party’s candidates this will be for the electorate to decide although his so called “far superior” candidates are being chased away by voters all over the Bahamian Archipelago .

I suggest that he sit small and shut up.


Michael J. Brown