More than 207 days have passed since PM Hubert Promised Parliament answers on NIB SCANDALS

Hubert Ingraham

When will the PM speak to claims of money being squandered out of NIB?

More than 207 days has passed since Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham promised to address Parliament on the SQUANDER of Public Funds at NIB.

Since his promise, two members of NIB’s Board have resigned after collecting handsome contracts. The deals were approved by the same Board they sat on.


  1. Well Bp there is so much scandals at Nib you will not believe them What about the MP the one hubert fired from his cabinet who goes to court for nib was any bids tendered for that job why would nib only give one law firm all the excess cases to take to court and the sad thing about it is the MP is related to the senior manager of compliance and not only that the law firm gets an advance from NIB for every Case that they received

  2. BP: Haven’t you noticed that Ingraham’s way of dealing with scandals in his cabinet and government is not to deal with them? All those scandals, exposed recently by both BP and the PLP and none have been addressed. Like I said, his way of dealing with them is not to deal with them.

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