More than 25 persons a day are being made citizens of the Bahamas


The team that has granted thousands of Citizenship.

Thousands Granted Citizenship for VOTES!!!

Nassau, BahamasHubert Ingraham should hang his head in nasty dutty shame as he attempts to defraud his way into power by buying into the foreign vote in the country.

Bahamas Press is on the ground tonight in several communities across the country where we have learnt SCANDALOUS action by the outgoing treasonous Cabinet of the Bahamas should land some people in jail.

We can report – and have no reason to doubt the veracity our sources – that the Department of Immigration and the Cabinet of the Bahamas have approved multiple applications of citizenship at record speed.

Documents shown to us confirm more than 86 persons were sworn in as citizens of the Bahamas in just three days.

Jack Thompson alongside Minister Brent Symonette selling the Bahamas.

The documents shown here reveal on January 10, 2012 at 2:30 pm, Majority Rule Day, the Cabinet of the Bahamas signed off on and instructed the exercise to award 25 residents citizenship in return for votes in the upcoming general election.

Further, just two days later, the Department of Immigration again received instructions via the Cabinet to swear in even more persons. Bahamas Press can report on January 12th in a minute paper marked IMM/NU/10/20 to the Immigration Department an additional 22 persons were granted Citizenship. In this group Bahamas Press can confirm one of the applicants had only resided in the Bahamas for a period of 6 years. This applicant we can confirm was born on March 10th 1983 outside the Bahamas.

And if that was not enough, sources in the Cabinet Room also revealed to Bahamas Press, the government agreed to make an additional 39 persons citizens of the Bahamas on January 13th, 2012, only a day later.

The source showed BP a minute paper marked IMM/NU/10/20 bearing the names, addresses, status and information of the individuals granted citizenship. Some of the persons we can confirm listed in this batch had no constitutional entitlements for citizenship and were not born in the Bahamas.

For example, applicant #34 sworn in on January 13th, 2012 is Alexandra Celestin of Cap-Haitien, Haiti. The applicant was born outside the Bahamas on October 8th, 1991. Information revealed the applicant was born to parents also from Haiti who could not satisfy the immigration as to their status here in the country.

The applicant has only lived in the Bahamas since 1997 when the FNM Government was in power. Some in the Cabinet are questioning how is it a person not born in the Bahamas, whose parents are not citizens of the Bahamas, was granted status in the country by the Cabinet of the Bahamas.

The issue has tormented BP’s source who believes the Bahamas is being sold by foreigners to foreigners with the country not being entrusted to good hands.

Bahamas Press will unveil more information on this breaking development as the days progress.

We report Yinner decide…


  1. What’s all the madness about?

    why cry when we have a white male living here with two Bahamian wives and he has Bahamian status.

    explain that? ” This we Bahamas” Once you can pay, you can play.

  2. What is unfair is what is being done to Bahamians. No country as small as this one can survive if it just gives out citizenship because someone was born here. If you can’t control your borders, you can’t have that kind of policy, especially for persons who routinely invade your country and produce children en masse! It’s not sustainable. Look, Canada and the UK clearly have larger countries and greater resources than we do but in the 1980s both country passed laws to ensure that even in a child was born in Canada or the UK, they could only be citizens if at least one parent was a citizen or permanent resident of the country. That makes sense if you want your country to survive. If we don’t quickly stop this foolishness about who was born here, we’ll be overrun and outnumbered. What is truly sad here is the person giving away citizenship doesn’t have to worry about them squatting in his area, depressing his real estate or overrunning a country where his children and grandchildren have to live. His children and grandchildren are in Canada and in Canada, you have to be a citizen or landed immigrant if your child is going to be a citizen. You can’t just break the law and enter, drop a baby and that baby is a citizen. So, Brent, why shouldn’t my children have the same protection against illegal immigrant takeover that yours have?

  3. This is so unfair! You have children who were born here and were here all their lives but have to wait for so many years while they cannot work or even have a savings account. While they are waiting they have to take dozens of different documents to the immigration department. OMG! these people will suffer for the wrong they have done to the innocent poor people. The people who were not born here can get citizenship because of the amount of money they can pay for it. This is so unbelievable!

  4. My God…can’t something be done about this ?? this is outrageous!!
    For the first time in my adult life I am seriously contemplating moving away from the Bahamas permanently. I’m afraid that the damage and destruction being done to my beloved Bahama land is irreparable. We have lost our country! We have lost it to foreigners, crime, poverty, and to bold and blatant governmental corruption, especially during the last Ingraham led 4 + years. There seems to be no stopping this train wreck.
    When a foreigner has more rights, privileges and benefits (free land, free light, free water, free schooling, free health care, voting rights, and guaranteed employment) in your country…then I dare say that that country is no longer yours. There is nothing left for me here…nothing to look forward to anymore…its all gone…striped away from us. I feel raped!

  5. Its a crying shame what Prime Minister Ingraham has done to our people, he cannot continue in his out of controlled wheeling and dealing with our tax payers dollars. Ingraham and Brent has to be Prosecuted for their crimes on the Bahamian public Its called abuse of Power.

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