PLP Chiefs in Miami with students and residents living there


Bahamian residents gathered in Miami at St. Thomas University to hear PLP chiefs Perry Christie, Philip Brave Davis and Fred Mitchell as they are poised to point the Bahamas into the right direction.


Miami, USA — PLP Chiefs were in Miami today and are at this hour in Atlanta speaking with students and Bahamian residents in the area about the way forward for the country.

Christie, Davis, Mitchell and Rolle landed in Miami shortly after 3pm today to lead a discussion on the Bahamas with Bahamians living abroad.

Since the announcement of international voting in the upcoming general elections, Christie has embarked on a mission around the world to talk with residents who will be able to participate in the process.

Davis and Mitchell have already held similar meeting in London and Jamaica.

When PLP team wraps up tonight’s meeting in Atlanta, they will then travel to North Eleuthera for a rally with PLP rock star candidate Clay Sweeting.

Meanwhile, at this hour in San Salvador, a poor turnout of local residents is what is being experienced at tonight’s FNM rally. Bahamas Press can confirm three loaded Dash 8 air crafts flew in to San Salvador from Nassau with FNM supporters dressed in red fatigue to show their support for ‘Crazy Boyoooo’ candidate, Michael Pintard.

But while Pintard and the PM have landed in United Estates, the PLP MP for the Island, Philip Brave Davis has organized the largest evening bash the island has ever seen.

Residents tell us they are headed to the PLP event.

Meanwhile…back at the ranch [Sandilands] doctors await the return of Crazy boyooo there former patient.

We report Yinner decide!


Miami community gathered at St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida.

Here are the prepared text from Fred Mitchell at the event…

Notes for Fred Mitchell MP Fox Hill

Opposition spokesman on Foreign Affairs

2nd Feb. 2012

Miami Florida Forum For Bahamian Voters Overseas

Party Leader and Deputy Leader, ladies and gentlemen, fellow Bahamians.  Thank you all for coming out this evening to this third forum held by the Progressive Liberal Party with the Bahamian voting community overseas.

This follows meetings held in London in October of last year and in Kingston in November of last year with the Bahamian voting community.  We have had excellent dialogue and I think a fuller understanding of what the Bahamian community wants from its government and the job we in the Progressive Liberal Party have to do.

The Progressive Liberal Party was officially announced to the Bahamian public on 23rd November 1953.  In that day, it was at the cutting edge.  It is the first political party in the history of the country.  It was responsible for all the major political and social changes in our country in the modern political era. It has a record of progressive change and helping to democratize The Bahamas which is unmatched by any other political party.

All the modern institutions of the state came into being under the PLP.  Indeed, the full human rights of Bahamian citizens were ushered into being under the PLP.  We do not argue that the PLP caused it.  We argue that the PLP had the honour and the privilege to lead the way.

But that was yesterday and this is today.  History is a most reliable predictor of the future.  History however is not to be dwelt upon but to be built upon.  That is why we are here today.

Thank you for joining us and thank you for Deanna Christensen, Andy Ingraham, Leonard Stuart , Rosie Gomez and all of you for helping us organize this forum.  The forum is an opportunity to speak to you on the matters of import today.

I would think those subjects must include how to grow our economy and restore it to good health, what is to become of our tourism product and how must it evolve.  What role can the young Bahamian play in the building up of his or her country?  How will small business play a part in this?  What is the PLP’s position on crime and on education?

Indeed the PLP has promised to double the investment in education over the ensuing five years when we win office again.

Joining us to discuss all these subjects and more are the Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party, the former Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition Perry G. Christie MP, the Deputy Leader of the party Philip Davis MP, Khaalis Rolle, former President of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and the candidate for the PLP in the Pinewood constituency.  I am glad they are all joining us.

The PLP embraces the opportunity to speak to you on the historic occasion of first time voting for Bahamians overseas.  This is our time and we hope to embrace it fully.

It is now my pleasure to call upon the speakers.

Thank you very much indeed.