Angry constituent gets set to sue Da Pillsbury Doughboy


Charles Maynard is the man who turns the Parliament into a dunk barroom brawl every time he stands to his feet .

Cabinet Minister could be sued by constituent – More than $80 Million in the FNM Election War-chest
Nassau, Bahamas — An irate constituent has retained a top  lawyer and is getting set to sue OUTGOING Pillsbury Doughboy for unauthorized use of the constituent’s picture on FNM campaign paraphernalia.

“I een into this nigga!” the angry voter exclaimed. “He (Maynard) come to my house, and jook this cheap father’s day card in my hand and take my picture! I didn’t even know he was ga try use my picture for politics!

“I ga sue and get some of those millions the Chinese, Boss HOG, Hutchinson and that developer in Exuma who own the local phone company give the FNM for this upcoming election.”

Readers will recall that Maynard held a press conference to tell Branville McCartney to cease and desist from using a photo of Maynard’s daughter that was posted on the DNA website. Now an angry voter has retained a top lawyer to cause Maynard to stop using the voter’s picture on Maynard’s campaign propaganda.

Meanwhile the election war-chest of the FNM is said to be deep. Today, Maynard confirmed the government is prepared to spend over $600,000 [six hundred thousands] in free food and entertainment during the celebration for the new National Stadium scheduled to open on March 8th. The event promises to seat thousands with an all-you-can-eat feast for residents of the country.

Meanwhile, the ‘jugaliss’ sweetie of a Cabinet Minister with roots to a southern Caribbean island has told him she will not be assisting him to win his seat. The young girl was reported in another tabloid to have left her panties on the door knob of the MP’s home in the West and fled out of the yard before the wife opened the door.  The note attached to the underwear read:

“If u can raise my skirt as high as food prices, pull my panties down as low as my pay, find strength like these “hard” times, make me break like how you does break your promises, and dig at me like how yall dig up da country  – THIS IS YOURS!”

Vell muddo!! We report yinner decide!