More workers headed for the unemployment lines….Hard Rock Café shuts down and workers left outside….


How could the economy grow by 3% when every day there are major layoffs?

Nassau, Bahamas — The Hard Rock Café in downtown Nassau is the latest casualty in the recession that is now gripping the nation.

This morning workers at the popular eatery told news teams they were told to come to work early for a meeting. However, to their surprise, after catching bus and coming through the traffic, workers found themselves locked outside and a chain on the door.

“We just left work last night, cleaned up the place and did inventory. No one said we would be out of a job. This is so sad,” one worker said.

The growing unemployment numbers across the country spell a troubling sign for the economy which some in the Christie Regime claims will grow by 3%.

Well, as we said, “The grass will grow by 3 percent and perhaps unemployment, but with all the bankers, hotel workers and now these workers getting the ax, Bahamians must now brace themselves for a rough ride.

We report yinner decide…