Mother and Grandmother dies of COVID19 while infant fights Neonatal ICU at PMH for life!

file photo.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting at least one COVID19 death at the Maternity Ward of the Princess Margaret Hospital on Tuesday night.

The mother, who was in labour had come down with the deadly COVID19 virus just days after the death of her mother to COVID19.

We can confirm following the death of the mother just after the delivery of the newborn, that child is in a battle for life. The infant is struggling in Neonatal ICU at PMH and interestingly none of these developments have been reported or recorded to the public on the Health Dashboard.

Infact, because the mother was “newly delivered” her death has been classified as a “maternal death”. To be clear a maternal death is when a pregnant or birthing person dies during pregnancy or up to 42 days after the end of pregnancy from health problems related to pregnancy. But here again is where PMH is participating in a coverup! The mother had COVID19 and her death goes unreported by HEALTH!

The Grandmother also was contracted with the deadly virus and died. And right now the infant is in a battle, untested and no results of the baby’s condition is forthcoming to the family. WHAT IS THIS?!

Bahamas Press wants the Health Department to STOP PLAYING GAMES! Be true to the public and the families!

We ga report and let yinner decide!