Mother gets appointed as son is accused of stealing almost half a million dollars from the public purse!


We have never seen anything like this! FNMs get rewarded – even though they are GUILTY AS HELL!

Nassau – A man at the centre of highway robbery deep inside the Treasury of the Bahamas now has a relative appointed to another post in the country.

Bahamas Press is watching how family and lovers in the Minnis Regime continue to get rewarded – even after one heist after the next from the public purse.

The mother is said to be taking up her new post immediately, while already the son’s case in the courts has stalled. The son is accused of compromising Finance systems and fleecing the public of almost half a million dollars. The avid gambler spent much of the money buying gifts for his relatives and eating his way into gluttony!

Will PM Minnis live up to his promise to punish the culprits who enjoyed the taxpayer’s money? Or will he continue to reward shysters who support his party while they bleed the public purse – and remain unpunished? We have seen this movie before and it looks like ACT TWO SCENE TWO!

We ga continue to report and let yinner decide!