MP wife blasts government on National Radio as three family island seats swing out of the column of the PLP –


PLPs are beginning the Chorus – “WE NEED CHANGE”!

Thousands of young Bahamians ignited with hope for a NEW DAY have left the PLP. Party in Crisis at 60th Convention!

Young Bahamians left behind by the GOLD RUSH CREW! Budget has plenty PLENTY TALK – but little action –

Nassau, Bahamas — National support across the country continues to slide for the Governing PLP and the Chairman doesn’t know what in the hell to do!

Every time we turn around these days there is some good reason to tell someone in the GOLD RUSH CREW a piece of our mind and, boy, it is getting worse by the day!

When it isn’t the fate of democracy being eroded in the PLP Party by rogues within the organization, it is some Young Turk, better known as the ‘New Generation Crew’, who is the greatest disappointment in Pindling’s Party.

Today though not only the PLP Government is catching hell, the Party is in a worse state that it has ever been. Elections in the PLP’s NPI organization have left democracy hijacked by the balls and gasping for air. The turn of events have channeled questions to the state of democracy period in the PLP, just as the St. John’s parents are question what gone down with the Graduation money! Someone must ask the question: in what direction is the PLP organization headed in, for certainly, it not the RIGHT ONE!

Mama ‘dem’ Party appears to be dying a slow death just like the gangs on the streets of the capital, dying slowly with lacerations to the throat and hemorrhaging from its once bustling political support just over one year ago.

Boy! The Gold Rush Crew is in trouble!

Christie’s stellar performance in the Parliament this week was good. As usual the Prime Minister deserves an Oscar Award. His budget presentation was SPELLBINDING! Captivating! Exhilarating! It was like a thrillingly powerful roller coaster ride up the hill around the corner – through the mountain and back on the ground. Boy, the PLP could sell ice to an Eskimo!

But despite this unmatched delivery of polite and poetic genius by Mr. Christie – the reality of things remain the same – THINGS ARE BAD and some government workers still cannot get pay. Some contract workers are waiting on that long stalled treasury check and budget cuts are deep in the pipeline.

REALITY CHECK: WE ARE STILL IN A SLOW RECOVERY while the PLP moves into a paralytic state.

Bahamas Press is now following up on our data gathering exercises on the Family Islands, and, from what we have gathered, the new government has already lost support in at least three family island seats.

You may ask which ones they are, but we ga say it this way: read our next report to find out and the data is shocking! From the looks of things, all three of the island constituencies are up for grabs and if a dog with a broken foot, bandage eye with the name Hubert Ingraham run in any of them right now – the governing party would face the most crushing defeat ever!

Take our word for it! We have the data and we are never wrong!

Less than 12 months since the last election, the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party appears now before the country like an asylum-seeking refugee as day-by-day his own words are coming to haunt him.

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts watching the PLP collapse into ruins as troubles hit branches and association branches descend into UNDEMOCRATIC behavious! -Chairman cannot save PLP slide.

Here’s what the outgoing Chairman of the PLP, Bradley Roberts, told the country back on September 28th, 2011, when the PLP held a Summit at Workers House on the Tonique Williams-Darling Highway:

“…. An extraordinary new generation of Progressive Liberal Party candidates has joined the fight. A new generation, with new energy and new ideas, and with a commitment to core Bahamian values, and a respect for the history and culture of The Bahamas.  These young candidates are smart, passionate, committed, and fired up – they’re ready to bring real change and real progress to all Bahamians. They understand the challenges we face, and they’re ready to fight the good fight.”

From the looks of things – selling the message of young people and job creation was good for the PLP – after all the economy was in poor shape and the state of joblessness was on the rise. What has happened since those words were uttered by the PLP’s National Chairman more than 20 months ago? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!


Unemployment remains stuck at an all time high! The New Generation crew is as paralyzed as the paralytic man on the side of the pool of Bethesda. Crime is raging like a dunk man in the street and criminal appear to have no respect or regard not even for the people who execute American visas in the country! Businesses are fighting to meet payroll, and the government after borrowing millions of dollars to rehire geriatrics back into the service in the name of “INSTITUTIONAL KNOWLEDGE” – Young Bahamians are retuning home this summer set to pick peas out of [you know what we want say]. What a sorry and sad state of affairs.

Added to this the PLP has decided to continue its track of Believing in longtime supporters of Hubert Ingraham, and, if you list some of the names set to be on the payroll of the New Government, you may want to ask yourselves who in the hell is in charge – cause from the looks of things it cannot be the people we elected to office one year ago.

Truth of the matter is, many of the New Generation crew are bankrupt of ideas, and some we know for a fact are bankrupt period; powerless to deliver change to Bahamians.

Take a look at our last report and the data then was also shocking. Day-by-day the PLP is losing support on the ground. Constituencies in the South and Southeast and west are swinging in the CHANGE COLUMN and more and more sometimes you gata ask yourself – we wonder if the PLP is still in opposition.

Just last week the wife of a PLP MP went on National Radio and blasted the new government for its rank ineptitude and paralysis to bring matters of national importance to closure. Someone listening to that broadcast told BP, “What could they be discussing in the bedroom late in the night of that MP?”

As Ms. Claudette Lundy said in a recent clip before she cuss out guests on Bay Street, “We are in a sad state”!

While not forgetting how we got here, the question every Bahamian must be asking themselves is this: WHAT IN THE HELL WE GA DO NOW!?

WE NEED CHANGE! – We report yinner decide!