Ms Claudette Lundy is now smiling with the angels…

Claudette Lundy passes

Nassau| She was a former educator, Catholic nun, and a street philosopher and now Claudette Lundy has passed away. 

She was candid and blunt, comical at times with bold fearless conscience on national issues.

Her boldness one time caused authorities to renove her off Bay Street and, when she couldn’t sit anywhere on her favourite corner of Bay Street, Claudette found her peace outside the Registrar Office on Shirley Street.

Many days we met Ms. Lundy relaxing on some bench where she spoke freely as a Bahamian. Her spirit of peace, years of wisdom and wit shall forever be indelibly  imprinted on the hearts of Bahamian.

We have learned a lot from you, Claudette. Today, your soul is now truly free. The last time we met, you said three powerful words to BP: “I Love You!” Farewell, old friend…

We report yinner decide!