MURDERER!!…‘if looks could kill…’



The view of the picturesque Saunders Beach, the place of a floating dead body in Feburary of 1998.

By Gorman Bannister /BlackBelt Exclusive

There is a saying that goes, ‘if looks could kill…’ Is that saying the reason why Oswald Brown is so scared of the word, murderer? Why does that word scare Oswald Brown? Is it because he looks like a murderer? Or is it because he may just be one?

This writer witnessed with a great deal of bemusement and disgust the way that PLP’s, accused by Brown of calling him a murderer, cowered to his ranting and raving in consecutive articles in The Guardian concerning the mysterious death of his second wife. It seemed that once Brown wrote about his belief of Christie not knowing about what he claims The PLP did because Christie is a good man—all of a sudden Christie became deeply aggrieved that someone would dare accuse Brown of murder, as Brown concluded. But of course that’s how Christie behaves—once the sexual abuser tells the child-victim how much he loves him, the child-victim then defends the right of the abuser to continue to abuse him!

Some may say that it is ironic, or just the hand of Providence at work that Oswald Brown would bring up the subject of the mysterious death of his second wife, because of an innocuous email sent to the PLP Website, questioning Brown’s suitability to be a speaker at a crime symposium—when speculation surrounding a mysterious death wouldn’t rate anyone high on a call-list to speak to decent people. This re-hashing by Brown as a result of remarks from this innocuous email brought forth an avalanche of wailing and gnashing of teeth from all quarters supportive of Brown, Eileen Carron and those who prescribe to The Slave Master-House Nigger Relationship. Hence, The PLP was attached to the blame of the innocuous email.

Why the PLP Leader would feel the need to then put a stop to what Brown actually re-hashed, by asking PLP’s to cease and desist from the subject, when Brown consistently blames The PLP for everything done wrong by The FNM Government, while blaming MP Fred Mitchell for being the architect of the innocuous email surrounding his second wife’s death—is really astounding, disgraceful, cowardly, selfish and inappropriate for a leader whose memory seems to be lost about the speculation at the time of Brown’s second wife’s death.

Well, BlackBelt is neither afraid of, nor concerned about, what Oswald Brown thinks about anyone that broaches this subject, because if he’s not a murderer, why does that word scare him? BlackBelt will tell you why that word could scare Oswald Brown and BlackBelt will like to see if he raises unholy hell about this article and if he’ll send The Police after BlackBelt—because unlike the innocuous email on The PLP Website and a different anonymous email circulated from some place else about the same subject—he can’t use the excuse of the anonymous email’s being untraceable, because this isn’t an anonymous writer, no ghost writer, nor a coward, this is BlackBelt upfront and in his face!

If one can recall, Brown and his soon-to-be-dead second wife resided in The Silver Cay Condominiums on West Bay Street, across the street from Saunders Beach. At the same time of them residing there, one may recall that a strip-mall and condominiums were being constructed next to what is now a KFC franchise. Yes, it is true that Brown said on the fatal day in question that he had breakfast with his wife at approximately 8:30-8:45 am, and then went off to work at The Guardian. THAT IS WHAT HE SAID. But here is where and why speculation was high and in fact still lingers even until this very hour; do you recall that BlackBelt just said a strip mall was being constructed across the street from Saunders Beach? Well on construction sites it is customary for workers to be there early in the morning, and that morning was no different because some construction workers (masons) can recall seeing something floating from 6:30 am! Now something floating can be anything—including the dead Mrs. Oswald Brown! Certainly, whatever was floating had to be big enough for construction workers to see it from a distance of at least several hundred yards.

Of course, it didn’t help to quell the rumors and speculation that, Oswald Brown moved with tremendous speed to cremate the body with ceremonies being held in Washington D.C. and out of the sight of probing and investigative minds! Now certainly, a coroner could and would conclude that the deceased died from drowning, for if water is in the lungs, that’s a natural conclusion. But inquiring minds, to this very hour, can still wonder whether the deceased ‘jumped, was pushed, or fell’ from the dock into the water with nature taking over from there.

Maybe she tried to ‘jump’ (out of the way to avoid being) ‘pushed’ (and actually) ‘fell;’ or maybe not. Whatever the truth of the matter, speculation of a serious crime of murder doesn’t arise if all the components are not there to make it a serious thought. And maybe that’s what scares Oswald Brown about the word, murderer—because if looks could kill, Oswald Brown should have an open ended invitation to every Police line-up!


  1. Mr. Bannister, in your article, which was excellent by the way, there is one error that is consistently being repeated by Tribune and Mr. Brown and anyone else who has reported on this matter that is not accurate.

    Remember that there was an email in particular that Mr. Brown and the Tribune constantly referred to that seems to be the main thorn in their side. It is an email circulated to all of the news editors of the country and several other outlets, not inlcuding, that contained the allegations that have Mr. Brown’s underwear all in a bunch.

    This letter was sent from someone using the address

    Sir, this email was never emailed to me as editor of the PLP website. We were not included in the original mailing of this email nor did we publish any of it on the website. We only came into posession of this email after the repeated mentions by the Tribune and Guardian and have never published it on our website.

    Our eNewsletter made reference to this email but again, that newsletter did not publish the letter and has no intentions of publishing the letter. In the eNewsletter, the question was asked (not verbatim) “given the details of this email in circulation, perhaps Mr. Brown should disclose to the public the events surrounding the mysterious death of his second wife, the alleged incident in Jamaica concerning his third wife and her children and Mr. Brown’s involvement in the Black Panther organization.”

    There was nothing in the eNewsletter that said the PLP was accusing Mr. Brown of anything except not being forthcoming about these curious incidents that have been swirling around him for quite a while.

    So it needs to be noted that a major part of Mr. Brown’s complaint and the rantings of the Tribune is based on a misconception of their own making.

    Secondly, the idea that our operations were curtailed at the “cowardly, selfish” request of our leader is just not so. There was a conversation concerning this issue and Mr. Christie’s concern with myself and the editor of our eNewsletter was that Brown was asking him to apologize for something he had not read, written or was aware of up to that point. He wanted to know what all the fuss was about and once we shared it with him, that was the end of that.

    At no time did Perry Christie order anyone to stop talking about Oswald Brown or to not write about him. My impression from that meeting, which I chaired, was that Oswald Brown was trying to lure Christie and Mitchell into some debate by taking responsibilty for things they were not invovled in. The rest of our discussion centred on this issue of internet regulation and whether our website, the newsletter, black belt, this site and any other pro or anti PLP websites should be regulated and the difficulties with such a proposal.

    As editor of the party’s website, we took a decision to not give any more life to a non-story like Oswald Brown than was necessary and that was the end of that. There was no order to stop nor was there any pressure and our editors can confirmt that for you quite easily. We simply chose not to give that ass a pity party.

    I do appreciate the fact that you have brought the subject back into the limelight however, I just wanted to clear those two points up.

    I think Black belt should also turn its sights to the new strategy of the Tribune to limit the access and reach it has along with other websites and blogs that seem to be taking a big bite out of the Tribune monopoly. Thank you for helping to level the playing field.

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