New World 96m Women's Freediving Record set in The Bahamas

<<< British freediver, Sara Campbell.

LONG ISLAND, The Bahamas – April 2nd at 11.10am local Bahamas’ time, British freediver, Sara Campbell, who turned 37 on Monday 30th March, set a new World Record in womens freediving of 96m Constant Weight on just one breath.

The dive took her 3 minutes and 36 seconds, and although light-headed on the surface she successfully completed the surface protocol, securing a white card from the judges.

On completing the dive, Sara said: “This was by far the toughest World Record I’ve earned. The emotional journey to 96m and back was just a formality, compared to the emotional journey of losing my mum last year, and struggling to dive in the most challenging conditions I’ve ever experienced here. I have completed only 17 training dives since I became World Champion in November 2007. I’m delighted to be back!”