NIB staff in mass sickout today following Thanksgiving Day!


Did someone give staff a bad meal? Or are they that “sick” and upset with the Administration over the Industrial Agreement?

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| It looks like all hell is about to break loose in the country as we are hearing NIB Line Staff has called in sick following a serious food poisoning at the Board.

We don’t know who sold the bad food at the Board but scores of employees failed to show up this morning. BP was attempting to process our monthly NIB payments and the window was clean. No one was there to serve the public. What is this?

We are also learning that employees are upset and “sick” over the fact that they have not been paid their due as it was agreed to be paid at the end of the month. This will not end well.

Minister Brensil Rolle and his special IT friend [benefitting from the new travel allowances] have jetted off to a technology conference and we don’t know when he will return.

Whenever he returns, though, he will find that NIB is embroiled in serious industrial action, which may not be resolved before Christmas [A that is just 26 days away]. And with that in mind, let’s hope the pensioners do get their December pension.

Workers walked off the job yesterday expressing their disgust with the leadership at the Board.

We report yinner decide!