Night Nurse takes emergency vacation to join her politician lover at Convention

FNM in Convention.

NASSAU| A night nurse, who was the sweetie of a top politician kicked out of office last year, has gone on emergency vacation from her post to meet up with her lover in CONVENTION.

The night nurse, who does lie like water just like her lover, is an FNM to the core and has reduced the morale of the department she heads to low levels. So far three good employees have resigned from her department after the NEW DAY failed to bring much-needed change to the department.

The night nurse has hoodwinked senior administrators in the government and continues to lie like water. 
Meanwhile, the New Day Government has appointed a new Chairman of the Agency and we hope this new talent can deliver a fresh perspective to the agency.

Meanwhile FNMs rejected Adrian White as Deputy leader and selected MP for St. Barnabas Shanendor Cartwright to replace K. Peter Turnquest. Duane Sands was elected Chairman of the Party.

We report yinner decide!