<<< Hubert Ingraham the double minded double tongue man is sending Bahamians to a Christ-less hell! Bahamas Press in today’s Sunday Special is calling for CHANGE NOW!!!

Nassau, Bahamas — Bit by bit and inch by inch the Bahamian people are finally waking up to the reality that Hubert Alexander Ingraham and his band of misfits are UNFIT to lead, guide, direct or protect the interests of the people.

Last week he came to the Parliament to read the death warrant to the citizenry, raising taxes and slashing benefits. Setting out his WICKED agenda blow by blow in the hushed House of Assembly on Wednesday. And while he attacked the people of the Bahamas, Ingraham kept a stiff snickering grin on his face as he read his communication.

Ingraham’s edict to the Bahamian people read like a horror sequel from the SyFy Channel. The national debt to further be exploded with THREE HUNDRED MILLION MORE DOLLARS TO BE BURROWED [$300 mil], pushing it to 4 BILLION while threatening the local currency. Government revenue he said was down and therefore tax increases will be seen everywhere. From the baby to the breast everyone will have to pay.

With Ingraham, for a second year education will be cut. Last year the Guarantee Loan  scheme was CANCELLED, and this year, money given to support private institutions will be significantly reduced. And expect no better from a man who never made it beyond the Abaco All Age School.

We understand national insurance will go up this coming week. BEC is going up as well along with imports at Customs. Items from the food store are going up. Taxes on cars will be higher. Land prices gone up. People pressure gone up and from what we heard from Hubert this week, expect more suicide deaths in the Bahamas, that to will increase.

We expect nothing more from the man we characterize as Mugabe’s twin. For it was in 2008 when he committed the most egregious act against the people of this country and introduced taxes on the Holy Bible. It was the most unthinkable, the most UNHOLY, the most ungodly, and the most UNCHRISTIAN thing a leader could do in a Christian nation, but Hubert did it.

We hear this new budget will be the final blow to throw the Bahamian people over the cliff. And here’s why:

  • 1)    It will cost Bahamians more to suck a cold Kalik beer.
  • 2)    It will cost Bahamians more money to jump in a car, because gas, license fees and insurance will all increase.
  • 3)    It will cost you more to jump on a plane to Miami because Hubert say despite the recession too many of you are travelling and so departure taxes will now increase.
  • 4)    You better patch up that old car and spruce it up with paint cause Papa say new cars coming into the country will now face an 80% duty hike. WELL MUDDO!!! sorry for the taxi drivers.
  • 5)    To those who have yet to find a job note this, the market just got tougher, cause Hubert has increased National Insurance for your potential employer and with all the other new hikes in utilities taxes, finding that job and being hired will soon become a pipe dream for locals.
  • 6)    And we cannot forget all those businesses that rely on tourism; well Hubert Ingraham just decided to increase the room tax on all guests. This means The Bahamas has become, upon that announcement, a very expensive place to spend a vacation.

Hubert Ingraham’s actions against the Bahamian people are like nightly blows of an angry man who beats his wife every night and calls the vicious cut_YOU_KNOW_WHAT Love.

But here is man who has appointed a foreigner to head up URCA, the body that regulates all the media/communications in the country. Here is the same man who hired another foreigner to head up the Land Department after firing Tex Turnquest. Here’s the same man who is seeking to hire another foreigner to oversee the department of public prosecutions in the AG’s office, a country with over 1,000 legal minds in it, yet none qualify for the top job. And here’s the man who will now appoint a foreigner to become the director of works.

Hubert Alexander Ingraham is ANTI-BAHAMIAN and a vote of no confidence should find its way into the doors of the Parliament to remove him as Prime Minister of the country. He’s been most NEGLECTFUL in exercising his duties. Some say, “Papa gat a brand new bag” and we say yes, a bag of tricks, spin, lies and TAXES!

Mugabe’s twin appears to hate black Bahamians, he gives everything to the WEALTHY Whites and Foreigners. You would recall that the first act of Parliament in 2007 was to sell at a very reduced price Crown Land in Normans Cay to the Holowesko boys to flip. This from the Man who says he is against flipping land. He has dredged the Harbour to provide the fill to build an extension to Arawak Cay for 19 of his benefactors, all of whom DONATE to the FNM.

He likes to say, “Thank God he is Prime Minister at this time,” well, he needs to step down so that we may truly thank God for is departure. We the people of this country cannot take anymore abuse from this ‘VICKED’ GOVERNMENT.



  1. Truth, I agree wholeheartedly with what you’re saying. But do bear in mind, there are too many lawyers in parliament along with their cronies, whom will be hurt if we start taxing on services. Therefore, a VAT would be more applicable in order to reap from the masses. And thats the way things go.

  2. I mean I do get what BP is coming from but in a way I feel the FNM has failed to find new INCENTIVES for this country. BEC, National Insurance, Custom duties increasing is BEYOND the government. Looking at it from a ECONOMIC point of view in order for the government to function the way IT USED to function that’s the only option. So looking at it from that stance its not really the FNM fault its the BAHAMIAN PEOPLE FAULT. Now on the other-hand, THE FNM HAS FAILED to change how we run this country. The best way for THE BAHAMAS To get out of National DEBT is to change our tax system. We should not depend on Custom Taxes because it do NOT pay our past national debt bills. The best thing would be TAXING The Bahamas on SERVICES instead of Goods. Banking, Gambling, Hotel Industry is where the $$ money at and they getting richer and richer. Now some people like me might also argue that The Bahamians dont want change I mean they FUSSING over THE ROAD can you only imagine a new TAX regime? Bahamians needs to stop this childish action and blaming and depending on government. Also if we charge for services it will encourage more SMALL BUSINESS. The major reason why small business fail is because of the HIGH PRICES in CUSTOM DUTIES. The FNM GOVERNMENT has FAILED because they did not find NEW WAYS NEW POLICIES that can RENOVATE this country.

  3. I knew that mr.Ingraham was ANTI-BAHAMIAN from 1994.BOBBY SYMONETTE(Brent Symonette’s brother)and a group of white and black Bahamians applied for the cable television licence and mr.Ingraham said and i quote,”I AM NOT GIVING THE CABLE LICENCE TO BOBBY THEM,BOBBY THEM TOO GREEDY.”After this mr.Ingraham proceeded to give the cable licence to mr.PHILIP KEEPING,a Canadian.Mr.Keeping has made in excess of 200 MILLION DOLLARS,i guess that was TOO MUCH MONEY FOR BAHAMIANS.Mr.Ingraham has always DISRESPECTED Bahamians,remember when he was asked why didn’t he consulted Bahamian financial workers before he rushed a package of new laws to tried to get the Bahamas of the Blacklist?Mr.Ingraham’s answer was,”I DON’T COSULT CRIMINALS.”There is an old adage that goes FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU,FOOL ME TWICE I AM A DAMN FOOL,FOOL ME THREE TIMES THAT MAKES ME A JACK DONKEY!!!

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