Part Two…Did the Bahamian ‘Dr. So-and-so’ meet up with a Terrorist after traveling to the Middle East?


A Bahamian mother used all her money to educate son – now he has denounced her Christian ways and converted!

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press has a better picture and more details about that doctor who married a gypsy looking gal in Dubai as he abandoned his wife in the Bahamas.

The incident has now become an international investigation and the result in the end could only suggest religion and cheating is at the centre of the depute.

Word now is that the doctor, whose mother who practiced deep decent Christian values and spent all her life savings on him now has a son who wants nothing to do with Christianity. What in da hell is dis?!

We understand “Dr. So-and-so” big up da gypsy looking gal while halfway around the world and to avoid serious public shaming, he has converted to the Muslim faith and married the gal on da spot. Well, wait!

The “Dr. So-and-so”, we understand, has renounced his faith and now believes in the science of polygamy. BP is getting word that while in Dubai da husband has more power as a Muslim than his decent Christian Bahamian wife and therefore has much control over their business halfway around the world. What is dis?!

Bahamas Press is watching this one closely because we believe the doctor might be recruiting deep in those rebel groups in that part of the world and might want to use his access as a Bahamian to get back into the country.

We want the authorities both at Interpol and here in the Bahamas to watch dis sucker closely! We believe he may have married a terrorist all wrapped up and strapped down in the disguise of gypsy love! He has placed us all on high alert!

We report yinner decide