People killing people all over New Providence


<<< Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade (centre) along with Deputy Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames (far left) tours the new Royal Bahamas Police Force patrol cars during the commissioning ceremony at Police Headquarters. The cars cannot reach the scene of crimes as police are overwhelmed by the mayhem now on the streets of the capital.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is receiving damaging evidence, which suggests, the emergency services of the country assisted in the death of Olondieu Saint Pre, a 53 of Charles Vincent Street who was killed around 11 p.m earlier this week.

Saint Pre had been the second man to have been attacked and stabbed to death by a gang of men. A fatal stabbed wound in his left side of his chest near his Charles Vincent Street home was sufficient to take his life. The war now erupting in the inner city areas of New Providence is breathing a string of violence, which have overwhelm emergency services.

Eyewitnesses who were the first to respond to the scene of the murder tell BP ambulance EMS services never came to the scene of the bleeding victim. “BP they never showed up – perhaps after hearing the man could not pay for the service or after realizing he was of Haitian decent – they decided to not show up.” But this is not all.

BP can also confirm it took law officers four [4] hours to also respond to the scene of the crime to begin investigations. “The direction we are headed in this country tell us we are approaching the status of being a ‘Failed State’,” another resident in the area said.

“How could we allow a pack of Rwandan Style gangsters to just walk up to civilians brutally attack innocent victims, murder them in the presence of young children and no authority of law or medical attendants show up to assist? Our country is headed in the wrong direction.”

Saint Pre was rushed to the trauma room of PMH via a flatbed truck and was pronounced dead as he had lost gallons of blood at the scene.

The incident reminds us of the murder of 21-year-old George Carey who was knife-jacked to death by a group of men in the Wulff Road area. Police have arraigned another police for the murder. Police never reported the incident following Carey’s death until BP published the story.

Saint Pre’s death became the 119th murder in the city since 2009 and the 31st for the year. At this time in 2009 only 25 persons had been murdered in the country.



  1. FYI Orlando as he was known was a very kind and respectful man with kids in university he was also fully employed may his soul rest in peace he is a bahamian bother as that is were he lived laughed and died may he rest in peace haiti’s loss was our gain look at whet we do with life squander it

  2. This is so very sad however it shows that INGRANOMICS and ALL the policies of HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM have utterly FAIL.In 1992 mr.Ingraham declared that he would restore safety and GREATLY reduce crime.Drug smuggling will become a thing of the past.Well i felt more safe in 1992 than now,marijuana,cocaine and guns can be purchase from every street corner today.The national debt is over four billion dollars !!!Get ready Bahamians for tears to flow after the budget is read on the 26.5.10.There will be TAXES AND INCREASES IN FEES aplenty and the sad thing about it is a person like me who DIDNOT benefit from mr.Ingraham’s hands in the cookie jar and issuing CROWN LANDS AND CONTRACTS TO HIS CRONIES WILL BEAR THE HEAVY BURDEN OF THESE TAXES.MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON POOR BAHAMIANS LIKE ME !!!

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