Peter Carey AKA Voices Bahamian and political hack…Person of Concern around the PM…PT. 1


Peter Carey<<< Peter T. Carey, a person of concern around the Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and the FNM.

Nassau, Bahamas — He’s nothing more than trouble in the circles of the FNM and today Bahamas Press will expose the true crookedness of the shady characters that hang around the circles of Hubert Ingraham.

Ingraham could be heard telling Perry Christie about some characters around the PLP, however, Ingraham could not see closely those who hang around him. One such character is Peter Carey.

Now to those online the name appears unassuming but today Bahamas Press exposes this political goon and ‘VICKED’ hack of Hubert Ingraham.

Carey is credited for stealing the election in the Blue Hills Constituency from PLP MP Leslie Miller as he was alleged to have registered scores of illegal Haitians to vote in the area in the 2007 general elections. But who is Peter Carey and where is he these days sitting in the comforts around the dark places of the FNM?.

Carey you should know is a NASTY, NASTY character who works in the shadows of the Free National Movement. His maneuvers are of such; some FNMs will never have anything to do with him.

He started off studying for the catholic priesthood, but he was so ‘VICKED’ they supposedly got rid of him and advised him he was UNFIT to wear the cloth.

Somehow Carey then ended up in BAIC, hired by the FNM. That government department at the time sent him off to Canada to study. Being the crook and political hack he was Peter went to Canada, squandered the Government’s money, and mysteriously came back to Nassau, by now the PLP was the Government.

He came back to BAIC with what we are told, “with his twisted mind” as he got into a lot of trouble. He was fired shortly after 2002 by PLP as he screamed VICTIMIZATION OF THE HIGHEST ORDER, and went underground for five years.

When the FNM was returned to power back in 2007 he was returned to BAIC as a paid consultant for the department. He promptly fell out with the new chairman, Edison Key, and was fired again by BAIC.

Readers should note here Peter never paid BAIC back for the squandered scholarship money.

Like a baby ducking looking for his MAH Peter went around to every FNM MP and Minister, until, Ingraham begged Key to take him back on the public payroll. Key took him back, but exiled him to the BAIC’s Industrial Park by Old Trail Cemetery. It is like being sent to Afghanistan some officials in the ministry said.

There we now know is where he goes to work each day, gets up to mischief, and collects a hefty salary. But what does Voices Bahamian AKA NCL SMITH does all day now that the public of the Bahamas hires him?

But there are some interesting questions that must be answered by the political hack.BP has new information which confirms an inquiry could soon be tracked back to the Bahamas on this same political goon of the FNM…Questions like:

  • Why was he deported from Canada?
  • Why can’t he go back to Canada?
  • Why he’s not home with his wife?
  • What was the situation about the DORM ROOMS in Canada and FMU?
  • As Bahamas Press always asked him, “when will he forgive the priest?”

We have the evidence and the FACTS! Facts are stubborn truths no one likes to accept. And pictures don’t lie…CROOKS in the camp of Hubert Ingraham and what they do while on the public payroll. STAY TUNED!


  1. I noticed that voices bahamian / peter carey/ carl bethel / ncl smith had yet to deny the allegations.

    They are playing the identity game

    “I ain’t really who you say I is. . .”

    We know that you been faking who your are for so long you don’t know anymore.

    deny they story in all your names.

    ya know I know who all yinna is and I have the TRUTH to expose ya at the right time.

    timing is everything and I don’t want to get in HAI way with that cutlass he using to trim you dead weights from around him.

    I know yinna scared as hell.

    whatever the cutlass leaves standing in the Feminized Neutered Men association, I will take out with my canon.

    Run, Duck & Hide all you want, your past catching a ride with me to wherever you hide.

  2. You’ll are just a bunch of D-Bags. Mr. Ingraham is doing a wonderful job as PM but this publication makes him seem like the devil. He has brought the Bahamas through a very rough time and for that I thank him. Dont hate the player but hate the game.

  3. It is a total disgrace that we, the Bahamian people pay this hack and his multiple personalities to be on the political pages all day long running his mouth! Check the times that he posts and they are all during normal working hours!

  4. They been playing the good cop/bad cop routine for too long and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
    Interesting observation except that both hate losing.We shall see what steps are taken by the loser of the Lizzy bye election.Do the two share dark secrets from the 1984 period?

  5. Krossova, dats a mouthful. Dem two tight as the thieves they are. I don’t defend Perry Christie. I actually blame him for letting Hubert back in and the Bahamian people for enabling both of them to use them and the country as their personal fools and tools.
    They been playing the good cop/bad cop routine for too long and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  6. folks, I don’t wanna get in yal kross fire, but my god man politics can’t be that serious, it just can’t……take this for what it’s worth, I watch the two main players of the political scene and I have concluded, that there is no one in politics or in the FNM that Hubert Ingraham trust more and is closer to than Perry Gladstone Christie.likewise, there is no one in politics or in the PLP, that Perry Christie trust more and is closer to than Hubert Alexander Ingraham.I tell you, sheep don’t hurt don’t get all “confuddle” up over these two goons or their policies, cause mamma told me long time ago.Peter ain’t a damn bit better than Paul!!!

    • lolo lolo you make plenty sense but isnt it wonderful to debate matters and get rid of stress?They was a fellow bahamasyouth who has gone underground and I just enjoyed pummeling him.No hatred from my point of view was involved but the joy of him him stutter and get pissed with me was was worth the many laughs.Rodney Moncur said during the campaign in Lizzy that he provided cover and protection for Christie and PAPA when they were fired by Pindling in 1984 and none of the two have refuted this assertion.

  7. @Tingum – Where in china?  What did you do there?  Oh, and I am not a girl.  As you all know (and if you don’t, you do now), I am a potcake but I got fixed by the vet when I was a puppy so I don’t know if that made me less of a boy or anything.    And, since I am a dog, yes my mom pup could be described as you say although said word in my world is not derogatory.   What deals were made with Chine then that evidence the children of the Bahamas and the future is sold to that nation?

    • Singing for your supper eh?So how long are/were you stationed in China?The gravy train is derailed and one of your former Cabinet Ministers says that the country is headed in the wrong direction as we all are well aware.No interference runners like you will prevent the country from being rescued from a dysfunctional Govt.I have peeped the drift attack the editors on this site as you rwealise that without them voices like mine and others would be silenced.The Devil is a liar 10/10 the BIBLE 10

  8. @Cammy, yea I have been to China. Three times more than most FNM.Also been to Japan, the Middle East and Africa, not to mention all over Europe and South America. So what is your point?
    What little respect Hubert Ingraham has earned, he has squandered like a drunken foolish sailor. That he has sunk low enough to employ low lifes like you, Peter and Ivoine to attack real opposing voices, show the desperation of his campaign and the evil of his character.
    You are one nasty witch Cammy and probably the daughter of a word that rhymes. Papa don’t care about you, your mama nor none of your family. He’s got what he wanted, power and if he has to spit on you or shit on you, consider yourself shitted and spitted. Begone, you ignorant spawn and take Voices with you.

  9. @Russell – Why do you think I am scared of you?  Scared for you bey – but not of you – so much anger….angry angry angry.  Anger – Mad – Anger – Mad.  A vicious, vicious cycle.  Dogs like you have to stay in cages and are not allowed to play with other dogs.   Think about that.@Tingum Dem – I can’t speak for Peter or Ivoine Ingraham – only me.  I also don’t do things for others looking for a quid pro quo.  I got my own personal opinion and it is all mine.    Betrayed the Bahamian people by selling their future to China….  – have you been to ChinaTingum Dem?  Or any other part of Asia?   Do you even know what you are talking about?  Do you?  That is an awfully big statement you made and you seem to have left a lot of other issues out of the equation when arising at your simpleton assumption.

    • I got your number buit dont tremble in your boots as I will only use words to break you down as after all you are my homeboy.However you need to apologiswe for the treatment you gave to the people of Hatchet Bay your own family just for the sake of politics.Now you are on this site trying to defenda despot?shame on you as you are wutless and just like the manchurian candidate.

  10. BP, it ways pass 3pm where is the “juicy story” on Peter you claims you have. LOL, you never had the story in the first place, JOKES on BP and not Peter. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Good on BP

  11. @Cammy, do you, peter and Ivoine Ingraham aka Voices Bahamas really think that any of you is worth more than dog doo doo on HAI shoe? Remember this the man who has betrayed everyone who has ever trusted in him and now he’s betraying the Bahamian people by selling their future to China.

  12. Russell Johnson is a person who needs serious counseling.  Can’t fight fire with fire.   Cannibalism is gross.

    • Stop using the Cambridge name you miscreant and use your real name.Am glad I scare you as its the only language you understand.Now get lost so this story on you can go away.Stop being defensive and admit who you are and maybe then I would let up.Go tell PAPA that I am going nowhere.I am so happy that I played a role in defeating the ARMADA in Lizzy.Come 2012 we get the whole hog. 

  13. While your friends are defending you Carey tell them how you mistreated even your family members in Hatchet Bay after the Govt changed in 1992.You and most of the haters only left Hatchet Bay after 2002 and now to surface in Nassau talking fool.Stay quiet and maybe the hurt you put on your fellow citizens might be forgotten.See you caused me to investigate you and look what I pulled from the past.Am ready to eat and get my teeth filled with red meat.

  14. BP always does what it wants but the whole world know BP does not report actual truth – just misinformation and lies.  But thanks BP!  Even though you are wrong on Peter Carey – what a compliment to him that you would attribute him to being behind Voices Bahamian.   We have all seen your posts on Voices Bahamian but also notice on Voices’ Bahamian’s friend list that Bahamas Press is no longer listed?  Did BP de-friend Voices?  Did Voices de-friend BP?   It was fun watching BP embarrass itself/themselves on a Facebook page.

  15. @BP. How is it that you have not posted Omar Archer’s resignation letter from the PLP??? This is the best news that I have heard in years!! Every where Omar and I have met on the internet, we have never seen eye to eye.. Omar has serious problems and I told him over and over that he will NEVER get a nomination in the PLP.. It appears as though he has finally seen the light!! Praise the Lord!! This is a PLUS for the PLP and I hope that he joins the FNM…. He can’t get along with hardly anyone… I wish him well in all his endeavors but no sensible or responsible political party will ever give him another nomination!! So long Omar, see you on the other side!! 

  16. @Krossova. You know I told BP the same thing that you are saying some time back but I have grown to realize that BP does what it wants!! I thought too that it was not nice to expose your members identities….BP and I had our falling out before but  BP will do what it wants whenever it wants…

  17. Goodnight to all,

    Now BP, I wish to register my disapointment in your exposure or attempt to expose persons who contribute to this blog.

    There are persons, myself included, who will not always agree with your postings.
    There are others who may never agree with articles you post. However, to take the extreme position of attempting to disclose a contributor’s identity is unwarranted and I urge you to reconsider the path you seek to take….

    • We are not exposing him just as a poster on here. We have no interest whatsoever on who post information on BP. What we do take excpetion to in the fact that a known crook is inside rigging election in the country, he is hired by the government and is now imposing himself online. We intend to deal with this culprit and known political hack and EXPOSE his backside.Bahamas Press/Editor

  18. Bahamas Press is a collection of 12 writers and over 50 sources around the world. If you do a search we did a story on this and if you search you will see.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  19. BP do not be deflected from releasing more information as from the defensive stance of ncl smith you have him on the run.Put forward the information so that other bloggers can see the man behind the mask at bahamavoices.I just love it when persons squirm like a pig lolo.

    • We shall be releasing more Johnson, we are gathering some information from Europe to add to our bag.

      It will be coming.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

    • that’s easy…BP is comprised of mainstream Bahamian journalists as an outlet to write the things they really want to but can’t in their newspapers.  BP hits at the PLP and the FNM and as far as I am concerned is the more objective news outlet…they is give to you straight and raw!

        • You can always read the editorial of the TORCH [Tribune]. But hey, it is what it is right? FORGIVE THE Priest!


  20. You cant see you been wrong about everything…for instance if we would have believed you BJ Nottage would be the  leader of the PLP or Jerome Fitzgerald would have run in Elizabeth. Any body that believes you after all your failures is just as fool as you…I telling you right now I am not Peter Carey, you heard that?

  21. Cant wait for 3p.m today to get an update on this latest twist with Carey aka every name possible lolo lolo.Denial is just another way of confirming the charges being brought.I now need you bahamasvoices to respond as Peter Carey denying the charges so we would know at least that you did so.

  22. @Media, did you not notice that Voices did not refute that it is Ivoine? They are one and the same. A despicable human being who believes that clothes make the man a veritable wolf in sheep clothes. A little bird whispered this in my ear, this bird being FNM may lie, but this bird know because Ivoine told him/ her so on their pillow.

  23. Oh and Peter you could “Lleve su asno a la parte más baja que un infierno.” Go ask a Mexican what that mean.


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  24. Voices Bahamian AKA Peter Carey, JACKASS FOR LIFE! Another BP special award! Tomorrow people 3PM. Ohhhhhhh we gat plenty plenty more to spill and an updated picture with this political hack. Stay tuned tomorrow.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  25. You wish I were Peter Carey……Peter Carey is like a care bear compared to what we got for you

  26. you all are a real paranoid bunch, but the reality of the situation is BP and myself were facebook friends , but guess what? I was calling your beloved media out so much he had to defriend me…Sounds just like his leader, no balls. Any how about 3 weeks past and low and behold it was a friend request from BP, sounds like some one told him to find his man hood…You be the judge of who running from who

  27. You have been called out bahamian voices and in your confusion you have forgotten to use your other name ncl smith who prior to now responded to every thread.Give up hoal ass and just disappear like bahamasyouth and others who could not take the heat in the kitchen.And look at you calling BP a hired hand when it is you who have been trumping straight red politics.Go and tell PAPA to give you other instructions as you disappoint me with the way you have wilted under pressure.

  28. I’d say, as an independent obsorver, that again you’ve been trumped by BP..  He threw out a challenge and that  was your response..  Lame or Limp or both?

  29. BP, like I say get off crack….you are a hired hand…Singing for your dinner, good luck with that life.

  30. yea that Peter. Had him on my facebook as Peter Carey then all of a sudden Voices of Bahamain was on my facebook.  After all the fnm talk, and lambasting the opposition and glorifying the PM I deleted him

  31. People may not take us serious Peter but you sure do {Voices Bahamian}. The thing is though, if this ain’t Peter Carey, why in the hell you’re soo upset? Hmmmm..

    Anyway, wait until tomorrow cause the story gets VERY interesting.

    Oh, and since your talking about lawsuits remember BP “AIN’T  NEVER SCARED” ! We not only say what we know we can PROVE IT! For in law there is a saying “He who accuse must first PROVE!” And we ga prove what a political HACK you are!

    And when you ready to deliever your lawsuit, whether it is you or Carl Bethel send us your email and we will tell you right where to send it.


    Bahamas Presss/Editor

    • He is a pu**y!!! half retarded lookin mtf! Peter Carey I wish you dare post something on face book now.. I hear you are Carl Bethel’s lil B*T*h when it is time to do his dirty work! Grow some balls of your own!!!

  32. All yawl are full of crap…..But it nice you spend time with foolishness, people dont take you serious BP

  33. Ain’t nobody jumpin’ up and down Russell.  Bah! Ha! ha! Ha!  We just laughing at idiots.  That’s all.  And you right the spirit of evil is in retreat – because evil smacks down and makes claims evil don’t know about when it bein’ killed.

  34. @Voices, Ivoine you ain’t gon sue no one. You should sue HAI for making you look fool.

  35. Peter Carey is definitely a prick.  Most FNM’s can’t even tolerate him.  He suffers from an inferiority complex and his hatred of the PLP is beyond what is to be expected of a grown man.  I pity the prick.  Everyone who knows him cannot stand him.  He represents all that is wrong in Bahamian politics.

  36. Let me tell you, BP got it wrong again..You mus like law suites that all I could say, first I was Carl Bethel now I am Peter Carey…You deserve to get sued on this one. fools

    • LOlol lol stop playing if you are who you are then there is no need to jump up and down.Am enjoying these exposures as the new bag is bringing lots of embarassment for PAPA.And you voices have never said anything yet that could add anything to conversations.You protest too much and only a little rock has been thrown in  the pack of dogs lolo lolo. 10/10 the Bible 10.I now await other happenings as the spirit of evil is in retreat.

  37. N C L Smith  is not Voices Bahamian.  Bah! ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Everyone wants to know who Voices is!  It ain’t me but it ain’t N C L Smith either.  Bah! hah! ha! Ha! ha!  Bahamas Press – desperate is no longer the word.  Bah! Ha!

  38. Man, I did not know I was that powerful… but surely.. I guess seeing the attention.. I guess I deserve a knight hood…

  39. If this is true of what he did in the Blue Hill constituency then I cry shame. Leslie Miller shouldve won hands down, Sydney Collie needs to go he’s too laid-back his wife Mavis seems more MP material compare to him.

  40.  so dats who Voices Bahamian is ????!!!!! wll I’ll be I know that was a lousy twisted FNM!!! I had that on my facebook but i took it off, I am soooo glad !  U CANT SPEAK FOR THE WHOLE BAHAMAS PETER!!! I KNOW U PERSONALLY! Shut up u talk to much and think u know it all. Thanks BP for exposing him!!

  41. Oh, so that’s the lil weasel who’s home is deep inside HI’s AZZ. Thanks BP…..keep up the good work.

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