Phillippa “Lady” Russell Responds to BIS



At no time while attending a Press Conference at The British Colonial Hilton yesterday did I, Phillippa “Lady” Russell introduce myself as a representative of Bahamas Information Services.

While I have been publicly called a fraud on the ZNS TV-13 evening news of Thursday, December 09, 2010 via the reading of a Press Statement from Bahamas Information Services, I always thought that being a fraud really is NOT when someone mistakes my identity.  I thought a fraud is when someone misleads the Bahamian people, as I saw the two females who are responsible for this controversy have perpetrated for decades.




  1. awwwww boi Thomas Finley, I encourage you to do your research on these two good gentlemen.
    it’s sad though, that their names should be mention in a debate on whether C&W is all the government claim they are.
    But politics moved both men, they are fine sons of this soil and should be commended for their individual roles in causing BTC to stand toe to toe with any telecommunication company in this region outside of USA and Canada.

    Don’t be gullible and quick to swallow hook, line & sinker all the government throw at ya…….they are throwing some stuff at the Bahamaian people.

    And I’m not blinded here by politics, you know what I mean…..

    Bahamas for Bahamamians, man! there’s just no compromising on that.

    think we can’t find some better foreign leaders, sure we can, but this our thing and we will argue back and forth but ain’t no foreign leaders coming here, we just aint having it!!!!

  2. Who knows about BTC’s books:they have been cooking the books for decades. Why was Leon Williams fired Media? And why was the President before him fired?

  3. AMEN, AMEN and AMEN again Andre! It is so sad to ‘villainize’ our own people. Isn’t this the same BTC that was run by Bahamians for the past 37 years? Do your research, C&W is a failing company and their stock value proves it. Why do we think that a failing company is more valuable than the company successfully ran by Bahamians. From it’s inception, BTC has experienced a loss only once, since then it has consistently grown in revenue and profits. Not to mention just recently, we had at the helm of the ship a Bahamian in the person of Leon Williams who clearly outlined a vision for the company. Our ‘leaders’ saw fit to dismiss him after he would have reported most impressive revenue, profits and EBIDTA figures because he would not comply with someone’s agenda; then we begin feeding lies to the Bahamian public that BTC is failing and the government cannot sustain it. It sounds like a master plan to convince the people of the need to privatize.

    We need to rid ourselves of this plantation mentality that foreign is always better. These people are laughing all the way to the bank. This over willingness to always downplay ourselves and our worth is what divides and destroys us as a people. We need to look ourselves in the mirror and recognize who we really are, children of the most high God who are worthy to run a jewel in our own nation. Do we need improvement at BTC, yes we do. But has anyone stopped to think C&W is maybe not the way to our improvement. We have the answers here in this country or born of this country dispersed throughout the world, despite what our self proclaimed ‘masters’ would have us to believe. Bahamians please believe and tell yourselves you are worth more than what is being presented. To believe anything less is a slap in the face of God.

    • Say What?? BTC has been a failing company for years, their “obsolete” version of DSL is overpriced and extremely lacking. Everybody and they MAMA has been moving from Batelco to Coralwave for Internet and only the dumb ones stay. Lets leave Coralwave’s problems for another day though. Anyway … CW had assets in 2009 of 3.4 BILLION DOLLARS. As mentioned they have the buying power of being an international company, one any local company will never have. That means cheaper and more modern technology for us the BAHAMIAN citizens. Forget politics for a minute as both the PLP and FNM are one of the same anyway. BTC was not going anywhere but down. They dont have the latest technology and they dont have the staff with the no how. Bottom line is they suck at INTERNET. Im a COMPUTER TECH AND ENGINEER in NASSAU BAHAMAS and I approve this message.

    • All things in time, Dear Bridgette. A few months ago only few believed that the “proposed” sale of BTC to “Careless & Wutless” (CWC)was a diabolical trick from hell, designed to payoff a contingent of political pimps and prostitutes, while backdooring aspects of CSME which the Bahamian people had already rejected.

      Today, the composition of URCA’s management team coupled with the offensive advertising campaign being waged by Diane Philips for a group who have no legal standing, is another massive insult to the psyche of Bahamian professionals.

      However, their early attempt to insult me as a “fraud” for attending their press conference which followed a BCPOU Town Meeting covered by HARD COPY, was the straw that broke the camel’s back!

      When in the hell can Diane Philips, a classless Zionist pretending to be a Conchyjoe, ever get the authority to tell me which press functions I, Phillippa “Lady” Russell, a born Bahamian, may attend in the 700 islands of The Bahamas?

      As a credentialed member of the international press, who attended the Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado in 2008 as a Delegate to the International Leaders Forum, as well as a Reporter for Core Times Civil Rights Magazine of Los Amngeles, Ca, imagine my surprise when a collection of Mr. Ingraham’s sweetheats designed a press release to be read on the ZNS evening news charging me with fraud for observing the “Careless & Wutless” (CWC)Press Conference held at the British Colonial Hilton?

      The devil is a liar if this collection box of hustlers think that they can quietly dispose of the BTC asset for their personal gain, while Bahamians sit idly by and watch as spectators in our own economy!

      Diane Philips, Sharon Brown, Gail Lockhart-Charles and Sharon Turner, all questionable allies of Hubert Inraham or “Brides of Barabas”, as Dr Donaldson describes them, should all hang their heads in shame!

      They will not be allowed to collect another dollar from the Bahamian people’s prized asset, as any money they are owed for their questionable activities must be collected from their “John” Hubert Ingraham!

  4. eagle i’ve been reading your comments over the last few days.and it seems to me that your are the protype of what a uncle tom is .do you have kids,and if so do you intend on them ever becoming slaves in there own seems to me that we have a group of people in this country who think that nothing bahamian is good enough for them.i hope you don’t have children but if you do when they look you in the eye and say where were you when we became slaves in our country,whatwill you say.

    • Nice if you would leave out the labels. My ex-wife used to call me all kinds of names when she was losing an argument. It’s a woman thing, Andre. Oddly enough, my daughter who is studying at UWI in Cave Hill, Barbados was the one who convinced me that C&W was a good fit for The Bahamas. Thank God my children have a broad world-view and see the bigger picture. BTC is a small telecommunication company operating in a small economy. And despite its best efforts BTC would be unable to take advantage of the modern technologies available in the world today without bankrupting itself, or its subscribers. Imagine, BTC goes to the manufacturer to buy a hundred thousand Blackberries and C&W goes to the same manufaturer to buy fifty million Blackberries. Guess who is going to get the cheapest price? And so it will be with all the technology they need. We need to get off our nationalistic high horse and do what is best for us in the long run.

      • You sure it wasn’t Hubert Ingraham EAGLE? Nothing he proposes you question.



  5. I always thought that a finders fee is paid when there is difficulty in finding a buyer.If however as was the case with Cable and Wireless,who was talking to the Gov’t from the PLP time,then the question is;Who found whom ?If this person came on board after the talks started,then how did the find a buyer when the buyer was at the table all along.Was she placed there only to cement the deal and collect the fee or was she there all thattime and was the person that brought Cable and Wirelessto the table ?

    • PAPA like usual is must in talking about the TRUTH! They have become strangers of the Truth!


  6. Refering to Ms. Phillippa Russell, the BIS Press Statement expressly says, “At no time did she purport to be representing the Bahamas Information Services”. I’m not sure who she claims is calling her a fraud. In any event, if she feels aggreived, she knows that she has recourse. The reason, BAKESBOY, that names are not being called is because she needs FACTS and TRUTH to substantiate these tabloid-style, low-life gossips. This is a ploy to detract the public from the real issue at hand which is the need for a state-of-the-art telecomunication system in the Bahamas employing quality service at a reasonable cost.

  7. What is wrong with someone collecting a finders fee for finding? Isn’t this standard business practice? Who the person supports politically, or sleeps with is not public business. That 3 million will be spent here. This story is a red herring. I cannot wait for the hammer to drop on the scandalous thievery, shakedowns, and extortion that went on in the Ministry of Housing. Now that is a real scandal.

  8. Thanks for the information Phillippa. Now we know who it is who is collecting the finder’s fee for the CW deal. I always smelled a rat!! You did not go far enough though. You need to name names without holding back.

    I doubt that you would ever introduce yourself as an employee of the HI government. After all, the first thing he did after winning the last election was to publicly fire you BY NAME, so anyone who knows anything about you knows that this outgoing government will never hire you. Call his name! Call her name! If its true, then it cannot be libel!!!The truth will set you free!

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