PLP Holds Press Conference Today


PLP Leader Perry G. Christie responds to the recent comments made by the Prime Minister concerning the Baha Mar project and the debate on the matter in the House of Assembly. The clip below is part one of several. Please return each proceeding hour for additional updates.


  1. Eagle, if you were not so stupid and if you had an inkling of capacity to analize what you hear, you would have heard and understand what Mr Christie said. First of all if you know how things work you would know that the PLP leader couldn’t sit there and tell the press how the PLP team will proceed in parliament. That would be like letting the cat out of the bag, FNM dummy. INGRAHAM DIDN’T EVEN TELL THE PRESS WHAT THE FNM WILL DO ASS. But if you were listening to Mr Christie you would have heard him say that the PLP disagrees with the labour componant of the proposal. While the PLP agrees with the fact that foreign labour would be necessary, as it would with any major project, the PLP he said, if you were listening with an open mind and not a closed FNM mind,will only agree with allowing foreign labour when all the Bahamians who are available to work in construction are working first then we allow the chinese, didn’t you hear that Eagle? Christie also suggested that Ingraham, since he wants the PLP’s agreement before they proceed, take a bi-partisan group(i.e a team of FNMs and PLPs)to China to talk with the Chinese in having them agree to back off this chinese first and Bahamian last position. Christie and the PLP have come down clearly on the side of the Bahamian worker first and the involvement of the Unions, BAIC and all the other groups that advocate the training of Bahamains to be involved. If you didn’t hear what I heard, Eagle, you are a dumb FNM ASS; plain and simple.
    On the other hand, if you were listening to Hubert Ingraham in his press conference, you would not have been able to decide what the governments position on the entiore project. On one hand you got the feeling that the FNM don’t want it and then on the other hand they will vote for it It was like their position with the National Health Insurance debate.
    Bfair for once in your miserable life, Eagle and stop being soooooooooo FNM. You are blinded boy/ girl

    • We are Bahamian people first of all and we are entitled to our opinion. I didn’t catch Mr. Christie speech so I can’t comment but I did listen to Prime Minister Ingraham speech. Am a young bahamian who have gotten to a point in my life that I don’t need to here a long story. Say what you mean, and mean what you say and be man about it if you find out your way was wrong. I want a leader who can lead and no what it is to lead. I’ve ground pass the name calling and the blame games and childishness of it all. This is our country lets try to make it better in the Bahamas.

  2. My head still spinning after listening to Christie’s press conference on Bahamar. Let’s see? If Christie and even the PM seem incapable of understanding the Bahmar deal, then is there any wonder the Bahamian people are not feeling at at comfortable with this Chinese controlled deal. Folks it is nuts and an insult upon all the good peoples of our Bahamaland. Stop it now.

  3. I have listen to the entire speech, I could not understand what he was talking about, that was the most fruitless press speech I have ever heard in my life, he is truly lost in space,I notice fred holding his hands under his chin trying to figure out what perry was saying.

  4. Now if anyone is able to listen to this monologue by Hon. Perry Christie, and get a clear sense of what the PLP’s position is on BahaMar, then they are better than me. I watched the entire thing and must say that Perry Christie is a master at talking alot but saying nothing at all.

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