PLPs must throw OBIE ‘Snitch’ Wilchcombe overboard if they seek to save the ship


Bimini, Bahamas — Every time a PLP leaves the Party we wonder if PLPs finds it strange and indeed shocking to see the Party’s SNITCH, Obie Wilchcombe, big as a Harlem SISSY reporting on the facts to The Tribune. Like Kenyatta Gibson and Malcolm Adderley departure before, so he was again in the morning daily talking about Melissa Sears.

We wonder what in the world could they be thinking to leave such a person [OBIE] amidst their ranks, who have no care or concern for his own constituents and more so, offered no assistance to his PLP Party followers when he sat in the seat of power.

Bahamas Press wonders, could it be part of the Party’s ethos to invite such crooked corrupt characters into its leadership? Wilchcombe, we all know, was a part of that wicked plot to extort some $25 million dollars from Hollywood actor John Travolta following the death of his son Jett. You would recall Murillo Ducille said before the court ‘Da Snitch’ was ‘the initiator’.

BP has a story, which also proves that the MP for West End and Bimini is not fit to serve the people of that community. We’ve learned that sometime before the Snitch was kicked out office, a feeble 70 year-old Biminite had travel to Nassau for medical attention and had decided to drop in at the Ministry of Tourism office to hail his MP.

Telling his story to us the man said he advise Wilchcombe’s secretary at the time of the nature of his visit who then asked the kind gentleman to have a seat in the waiting room. BP was told the pensioner sat in the room for over four hours while the then minister indulged in a can of red bull and watched CNN. Could you imagine the man who said he sat at the feet of Pindling doing that to senior citizens? Bp sources in the Ministry of Tourism said this is just one incident of many.

Right now in Bimini the workers at the BIG GAME Resort have not been paid since the hotel closed in 2009. They had no salary for weeks when they were dismissed. No package when they were sent home. No voice for them in the press. Wilchcombe is the MP for the workers. He as former minister of tourism should know the contacts of the owners. Has anyone on BP heard him say a DAMN WORD about the situation? Why is he not SNITCHING to the Tribune on that matter? Or is the paper only good to SNITCH on PLPs and Party officials?

But this story is no different from the one we were told when it came to the issuing of a Bahamasair in-flight magazine, which was promised to a former PLP Senator. That fine lady we are told left her Senate seat to engage the business promised to them by then Party Leader and Former Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Perry Christie. We are told the Obie refused to signoff on the project for the PLP Senator, but rather hitched the million-dollar deal with a company out of London, which we have discovered never fulfilled their obligations with the national fly carrier.

BP warns members of the PLP that Wilchcombe and all his shadiness is NO GOOD FOR THEM! Throw him under the bus or in this case under the boat! He has wickedly shafted his own constituents and has trampled on his own Party members. We cannot see how is it the people of that Party has allowed such a VICKED TREE to bloom in their midst. But then again, those who love corruption are spiritually tied to its seed.


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