PLPs walk out of the Fort Charlotte Branch Meeting leaving Alfred “Resign” Sears all alone!


Trouble is brewing for Mr. Alfred Sears and a petition by branch members may rescind his nomination in Fort Charlotte…!

Alfred Sears and his sidekick who said when he becomes Prime Minister. HMMM!
Alfred Sears and his sidekick who said when he becomes Prime Minister. HMMM!

Nassau, Bahamas – A group of PLPs in the Fort Charlotte Branch of the Progressive Liberal Party are cussing after former MP for the area decided to challenge the MP for Centreville for the top job as leader.

In a branch meeting organized by Alfred “Resign” Sears on the Sunday evening he announced his candidacy all was not well. As the former MP attempted to explain his reasons to challenge Mr. Christie at the upcoming November Convention, all hell broke loose.

BP, your fly on the wall, got close to the window as senior members of the branch started ‘cussin’, asking the candidate designate if he had lost his damn mind.

One leading stalwart of the party asked Sears, “You want get roll out from here like dat last jackass, eh?” The tone in the room was not good.

Meanwhile, while Sears got “diss-ed” and disrespected all at the same time, another leading general of the branch, who started the “Let’s Get RID A ROLLINS CAMPAIGN”, stood up and left the meeting with a majority of the branch members who all walked out the door.

A source deep inside the room told BP, “Could you imagine that? We love Mr. Sears, we want him to become the MP for Fort Charlotte, but now he is prepared to poison the well we all drinking from and leave us dead in the bloody political water? When he lose – and I say when – what you think ga happen to us when PLPs begin to look at us cockeyed?”

The branch, we are told, will write the party leadership to seek a new nominee if Sears continues his failed bid for leader.

Sears, though, is now one Bahamian on record as having the most resignations recorded. He resigned from the Caribbean Muzik Festival Committee. He resigned from the Bahamas Reparations Committee one year after which he was appointed in 2014. In the heat of the battle against Hubert Ingraham from 2007 – 2012 Sears failed to offer as a candidate to help retire the Abaco Dragon and abandoned the people of Fort Charlotte. And just recently again he resigned as Chairman of the COB almost days after almost a million dollars was found, sitting up in the bank accounts of a COB employee. This week he called for Rollins to resign as the MP for Fort Charlotte so a by-election can be had!

Winter is Coming!

We report yinner decide!