PM Davis right now being interviewed by the Daily Mail

Prime Minister the Hon. Philip E. Davis is pictured during an interview by the Daily Mail at the Bahamas High Commission (BHC) in London on Thursday, 4 November 2021. Also present were Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Leon Lundy and Permanent Secretary in the OPM, David Davis.

LONDON| Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis Q.C. is on a media tour this morning following his impactful Climate Change Speech this week at COP26.

The Minister of Finance appealed to world leaders to do away with promises and agreements and find the courage to take action to implement ‘specific’ and ‘concrete’ changes to climate change.

The address powerfully delivered by the Queen’s Counsel turned heads with media in Europe forcing Davis to grab headlines and invites on major networks like BBC, and Sky News.

PM Davis arrived in London from Glasgow, Scotland to drum up support for the Bahamas meeting with investors and world leaders in his visit.

PM Davis went live on London TV morning news in an interview to bring the world’s attention to the urgent need for CLIMATE CHANGE! The Prime Minister right now is being interviewed by the Daily Mail at BHC London. This is Powerful!

The Prime Minister has set his powerful brand on the world stage on DAY ONE! He has made the Bahamas proud. And he has created a new day for all Bahamians. The PM and delegation return to the capital this weekend.

We report yinner decide!

PM Philip Davis Q.C. on media networks broadcast across London this morning.