PM Minnis imposes strict lockdown rules on Biminites while guests at Resorts World Bimini partying into the morning hours….

PM Hubert Minnis

BIMINI| Bimini residents are complaining of the brutal hardship PM Hubert Minnis has imposed on the community following the wave of Covid infections which surfaced at Bimini World Resorts following the Memorial Weekend holiday.

Private vessels came into the island loaded with unvaccinated and untested guests which created a wave of infection into the community.

Residents are being fined for being outside after 7pm, failing to produce a valid ID or moving without a mask on their faces.

The iron fisted rule of Minnis is worse than the days when PAPA DOC who ruled Haiti had to flee the island for his actions!

Some residents are being fined while sitting in their yards. 

And while bars and restaurants are being shut down and locked down in Bailey and Alice Towns at Resorts World Bimini, guests to the island are out and about partying into the wee hours of the morning.

Why yinner think PM Minnis dem hate Bahamians so?

We report yinner decide!