Police arrested a Haitian National for that hit and run on Abaco…

Police is set to charge this female in connection with that hit and run in Dundas Town Abaco earlier this week.

ABACO| Great police work on the island of Abaco has now arrested a female Haitian national in connection with a hit and run in Dundas Town this past Tuesday.

The violence incident was caught on CCTV where a female pedestrian and her child was hit by the driver who fled the scene.

The child was being held at the Marsh Harbour Clinic and the woman was flown into New Providence for further medical attention. Her condition is still unknown at this time.

The female is expected to be charged this week and her status in the country is still being looked into.

Abaco has become a hotbed for traffic fatalities and this past Saturday First Assembly street prayer event kicked off on the S.C. Bootle Highway in Abaco. At 10am the team began praying around the Marsh Harbour Library where several accidents also occurred.

BP also wants a mass public education drive on road use. SPEED KILLS! There must be a nationwide public education drive on the rules of the road. This is also missing.

We report yinner decide!