Police Fire Services suggest Fresh Creek fire is a result of an “electrical short circuit”


Government complex fire happens just hours before PM Minnis was to celebrate Christmas with residents…

So the Fresh Creek Local Government Office in Andros has burnt to the ground by some arsonist like BAMSI we believe and we ga sit as a nation and act like so what?

Nassau – Police are already reporting on the fire at the Fresh Creek, Andros Government complex and are suggesting that the incident was of an electrical nature.

Police tell us the investigations into the structural fire at the Central Andros government facility in Fresh Creek have been completed. They confirm the cause of the blaze was an electrical short circuit. The entire facility was burnt to the ground and we have yet to know if a fire truck ever responded.

Meanwhile, police still have no word on the two BEC generator fires, which went up in flames more than three months ago. The destruction of the generators could cost taxpayers a colossal $150m price tag to replace the damaged equipment. Every time questions are asked about the blaze, the response is that insurers are still investigating the incident.

We at BP believe someone or some people intentionally caused the BPL fire after the engines were started ignoring proper procedures.

We report yinner decide!