Police Questioning a Second Person of Interest in Murder of Long Islander


<<< Adrian Robinson is who police believes was the alleged hired hit-man paid to kill 66 year-old, Veronica Knowles.

Doctor’s Creek, Long Island – You would have heard the news that 42 year-old, Adrian Robinson, who resided in Alligator Bay is the alleged hired hit-man, who according to our sources told police he was allegedly paid $5,000 by a resident on the island to kill 66-year-old Veronica Knowles of Salt Pond.

Bahamas Press sought it necessary to return to this story following our visit to Grand Bahama as we are now told police is questioning a second person of interest.

Robinson at his arraignment this week told Magistrate Rodger Gomez, “There have been a lot of threats against my life. They have lot of guys in jail who have plans to bump me off when I reach prison.” But Robinson should have thought about this reality when allegedly he drove the dead women’s car near the Crossings to dump her body.

Eyewitnesses saw Robinson driving erratically at high speeds in the deceased taxi. Islanders were left puzzled on the long lonely roads waving and wondering why is was the vehicle being driven at such high speeds.

Bahamas Press has more information about this murder and here’s what we’ve been told by sources on the grounds.

Robinson’s last place of residence was in Grand Bahamas and NOT Long Island as being reported. We understand he came to the community recently and was planted by the person of interest who police may now be questioning.

We are told Robinson was advised to seek employment from the decease who had plenty land to be taken care of. Sources further tell us, there may be communications, which may perhaps link the allege hit-man [Robinson] to the person of interest.

One report also confirm Robinson had spent some time at HM Prison in Fox Hill and has recently been released for crimes, which he served time; those crimes are still not confirmed by BP.

Land Hogs and killing for land is nothing new on family islands as persons have gone missing following land disputes over the years.

Last year, Long Islanders saw the disappearance of, Emerson Cartwright, following a similar land dispute, which left no trace of the islander. It also believed by detectives the second person being questioned may have also been associated with the disappearance in 2009.

After long searches day and night the only evidence left behind following Cartwright’s vanishing was his blood on a log where it is believed his body laid for a while. What is indeed interesting is this; Cartwright also worked around the person interest.

BP has the name of this ‘person of interest’, however we wish not to compromise the ongoing police investigation.

Bahamas Press’ forensic investigative team will remain in Long Island for two more days moving through all of the settlements including Grays, Clarence Town, Mangrove Bush and Burnt Ground before flying back to the capital.

We have fresh information on Carl ‘Undernourished’ Bethel who may be planting officers in various branches to topple the leadership of the FNM Party at the upcoming November Conclave.

Save the tragedy on this island, BP experienced the most wonderful time with the loving warn people of Long Island, who are traumatize by this latest slaughter, in their quiet tranquil community.