Political Malpractice committed against the Bahamian economy by the Dr. Hubert Minnis Administration – PART I


NO ACCOUNTABILITY! Why has there been no financial accounting of travels as promised by the Minnis Government?

Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert Minnis (at microphone) addressing press conference at the Office of the Prime Minister, Cecil V. Wallace-Whitfield Centre, December 20, 2017

Nassau – The truth really comes home to bite and nowadays the Minnis Government, which we believe has committed “Political Malpractice” on the economy of the Bahamas, has some serious challenges with the truth.

In October 2017, yinner would remember how the FNM promised to probe the travels of the Christie Government.

Government leaders and teams travel. That is what sensible governments do at least to get their voice and footing in and around the world. But Dr. Minnis, in a National Address on Wednesday 26th of July, 2017, said, “The former administration was addicted to luxury travel, often spending extraordinary sums of money on delegations travelling the world at great expense. We will reduce the amount of money spent on foreign travel by government officials.

“We will implement changes to prevent fiscal mismanagement. There are forensic audits being conducted to recover, where possible, the people’s money.”

And further, in an October 2017 press statement, the PM’s Press secretary had this to say to the media about travels:

“The administration now did not feel that there was enough accounting for the travels by the previous administration, or there was enough demonstration of the benefit of those travels,” said Ace Newbold, at his weekly press briefing.

“Prime Minister [Dr. Hubert] Minnis has mandated that anyone who travels on behalf of The Bahamas government, report on that travel.”

Newbold noted that this report would include the cost of travel, inclusive of airfare, hotel stay, meals, etc.

But to this very day, with the Prime Minister himself setting to jet off on global city tours, not one Minister of his Cabinet has followed his requests to disclose details in costs with respect to travel accounting. We the Bahamian people are waiting on these details which have yet to come! The AG just completed a UN Conference and all we got are changes to come in the law on Marital Rape and one big row followed. And every other Minister has jetted off and returned without one detail of the promised accounting on: “cost of travel, inclusive of airfare, hotel stay, meals, etc..” WHY?

This will get interesting as BP goes deep into our investigations on the Minnis Government!

We report yinner decide!