Potential Lawsuit Could Be Had Against the Tribune for near Death Incident of Tribune Employee…


Senior Manager cuss woman to the ground when she collapsed and was rushed to hospital – WUTLESS MEDIA REPORTED NOT A DAMN WORD ABOUT THE INCIDENT – WHY is it only BP could report these stories?

Eileen Carron Publisher of the Terlet Paper cannot explain the lie her paper told on Farrakhan. She now prays BP can be shutdown!

Nassau, Bahamas – Relative of a female employee at the Tribune could file papers against the morning daily following a near death incident at the paper.

Editor and Publisher Eileen Carron may have to assume control at the struggling establishment, which is dying by the day with low street sales and poor politically driven editorial commentary.

Sources deep in the newsroom confirmed to BP how a female employee collapsed to the ground in an unresponsive state, following a verbal attack by a senior manager.

The news source told BP the employee was preparing items that day when a senior manager at the paper blasted her verbally; spewing profanity until the worker collapsed in the floor.

Workers flooded the room where the employee collapsed and some began screaming out her name. One employee deeply moved and angered by the incident was moved and shaken with tears and some though the woman had given up the ghost.

The morning daily is known for its wicked verbal assaults on staff; many who are treated like slaves in the galleon ship bound for the new world.

To this day, the Tribune has few national editorial giants it can credit to its establishment, and even fewer journalists of whom they can boast were created by them.

“The verbal assault on that young woman was unnecessary. It should have never happened – I pray she pulls through,” one distraught editorial employee told BP.

Meanwhile the woman was rushed to hospital where she is now listed in stable condition.

The Tribune must remember and know that the institution of SLAVERY WAS ABOLISHED IN THE BAHAMAS SINCE AUGUST 1, 1834 , and that the Progressive Liberal Party is The Government!

Legal action by relatives could come soon.

We report yinner decide!


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