Priest on Bimini accused of threatening worker


A Letter to the Editor

Biminites are furious of this incident that happened and appeal to Mr. Boyd, Anglican Priest to please move Father Collin Humes from the Anglican Church in Bimini. Mrs. Rahming and his wife worked together for the Department of Social Services Alice Town Bimini.

We, the Community of Bimini respect Mrs. Rahming highly who since she came back to Bimini has helped numerous of persons. Many of us didn’t know of the various assistance Social Services had to offer until she came. We respect and really appreciate her for that.

Mrs. Jamie Humes should have been gone off this Island a long time ago, we do not want her here because she has a serious attitude problem and thinks she’s better than others. She always goes around the Island spreading rumors about her clients as well as others.

The whole island heard about the incident, which happened at The Department of Social Services Bimini. In fact there were witnesses there who saw Mrs. Jamie Humes husband, Priest of the Anglican Church here in Bimini standing on the outside of the building cursing and carrying on like a street person. This is wrong; because his wife is in charge of the Bimini office we were told. She went home to bring her husband on the job to fight with her colleague Mrs. Rahming who is well known to us to be humble, pleasant, respectful, Christian soft-spoken young lady.

We know that Mrs. Rahming was being mistreated on her job many times by Mrs. Humes because of visitations that were made to the office by us.

There were times when she spoke to Mrs. Rahming as if she was a dog. One of our friends went to pick up her food stamps early one morning before going to work, Mrs. Rahming couldn’t get into the drawer because it was locked.

Our question to you is as we reserved from Mrs. Rahming came on the island to work is it both of them to work in the office why is that? Mrs. Rahming do not have keys for the filing cabinet when she ran the Bimini office, as a secretary many times on her own during the time Mrs. Edden and Mrs. Humes was not on the Island. There were many times persons went to the office for assistance and saw her she handled herself professionally.

Mrs. Rahming should be applauded and given a raise, promotion for the fantastic job she has done in knowing how to deal with people other than Mrs. Humes. Many mornings we saw Mrs. Rahming and her husband walking to work when there is a government vehicle owned by the Department of Social Services.

If Mrs. Rahming is running the Department on her own while the worker is off the Island performing duties for the Department, why is it that she cannot drive the vehicle? That is a government vehicle, which should be used by all staff in the office performing office duties. All of the other Government ministries here on the Island allow their staff members to drive their vehicle while performing their duties on the job.

When Mrs. Rahming first came back to Bimini when she was driving the gulf cart firstly owned by the department, Mrs. Humes had her police friend pull Mrs. Rahming on the side of the road asking her to park the vehicle when she had to been given a key to drive it.

How is it that if Mrs. Rahming is doing such a terrific job running the office while case aid worker is off the island. How is that she is being seen on numerous occasions walking or catching a ride transporting Government work to the Commissioner’s office for the Department while the vehicle is parked on the dock until Mrs. Humes return, this is deplorable! Bimini is a small community we all know what is going.

There is a saying that says, “Trees talk in Bimini” believe it. Secondly we have reserve that when she is on the Island she do not involve and invite Mrs. Rahming to any functions on the island she would go by herself.

We do not want Mrs. Humes neither her husband Father Colin Humes on this Island anymore because we do not respect him anymore for going to Mrs. Rahming job to fight her for lies his wife told him. Mrs. Rahming is not that type of person, for we have known her.

How can he go on God’s pulpit to perform mass duties etc. after using profanity and fighting? He needs to step down and apologize to Mrs. Rahming he suppose to be the leader in the community and set examples. He handled the situation wrongly whereby he should have called Mrs. Rahming aside and speaks with her, his wife is wrong because she is in charge of the office, she left the office on government time, and brought her husband on her job to fight Mrs. Rahming was wrong.

Let me remind you that staff from the Tourism office was there as well as many others because he had drawn a crowd. Because of what we saw if Mrs. Rahming’s husband did not stop by we know that Father Humes and his wife would have perhaps have beaten Mrs. Rahming to death.

The community of Bimini needs urgent help attention from Mrs. Butler, Minister responsible for the Department of Social Services, Father Laish Boyd, Head of the Anglican Diocese, to deal with this matter urgently and fairly.


Members of Bimini Community


  1. The whole situation is unfortunate for Social Services and the Anglican Church.They must both act quickly and priesty don’t need to be there as Mrs Ellis is from tghe island. Mrs Humes does not have qualifications. She has two aunts with position in Social Service so maybe it’s gone to her head. So if this is the priest way of dealing ewith a rumour will he shoot up the punch if they accuse him? He should have turned the cheek or is he reacting because of guilt? what happened in Inaguqa?

  2. In response to “THE MIDDLE MAN” it sounds like you are one of the many people who Mrs. Rahming is going around telling different stories to. If you choose to be a good liar, Mrs. Rahming needs to remember to continue to tell the same story to everyone she tell it to.
    If a married woman was told that her husband has to have another woman cause her A** to fat, that is accusing her husband of committing adultery and that is where the adultery part came from (one the day in question). You ever thought that was going on a long time ago? Ask those that visit the office regularly. So turning the other cheek, Fr. and Mrs. Humes must have been tired of that mess. I know i would have been. Mrs. Rahming must have amnesia because when she lived in Bimini some years back as Mrs. Ellis she forget the way she conducted herself then? Well she is still that same filthy mouth person, trouble maker and now trying to play all innocent… Biminites don’t forget, she still have enemies from back then that still can’t stand her cause of her dirty ways.
    As far as Mrs. Humes doing her job that she is, this is the most Biminites are really profiting from the food program those that should and shouldn’t but still getting. It’s sad to say anytime someone be it Biminite or stranger does the job they should be doing there is always room for wrong in the eyes of some Biminites. This little island will always be put on the back burner cause Biminites fight for all the wrong reasons and issues that should be addressed that is more important for the island to benefit from will never get the attention they should. Gossip will get Biminites to talk quicker because that’s a time for everyone to put their two cents in, no matter a lie or the truth.

  3. I don’t know who wrote the note for the Bimini community or who “claims” to know what is happening on Bimini but what transpired last week was a travesty. Mrs. Humes and Father Humes was wrong to come on her job to confront her co-worker…..because if they have so much integrity they should have used better judgement. They talked about Jesus…what about turning the other cheek? If Father had even called and asked Mrs. Rahming “if” and “what” she said about him would have been better than what happened and I along with many others was witness. Mrs. Humes is a manipulative and vendictive women…I have seen her in action. The people she has “helped” in Bimini are her friends or Church members.There are many people she has taken off of the food program because of what someone else told her or when she feels like. Not what I heard but what I’ve seen. I have heard persons tell her before to not listen to what other people say but find out for herself who or what they’re situation is related to getting help from Social Services. She is on a power trip because she is in charge of the office and her Aunt is her Superior in Freeport so she feels she can get away with what ever. She also is a gossip. She likes people business. I have seen and observed her in Action. Mrs. Rahming the worker in the office has been a victim of verbal abuse and belittling and she is a quiet God fearing women. She has lived in Bimini for many years and there is nobody who knows her, know her to be any kind of talkative or rowdy person. She was not trying to be the boss but only asking for respect and consideration in the office. She has been working for the Social Services for many years in Nassau and now in Bimini so if she couldn’t do the job I’m sure she wouldn’t have been there till now. And the statement that caused the big combruction was “If you have home problems don’t take it out on me”. So where was the adulterous part of it?

  4. First and foremost this letter is an insult to Anglican Diocese the way the Rt Rev’d Laish Boyd was addressed. If you didn’t know his title you should of simply just call him Bishop Boyd not Mr Boyd should of ask someone who knows.
    Biminites are furious you say but I am not only furious but curious. Why did the incident occurred . You never stated what was the reason for Fr. Humes having to make a visit to Social Services office that day. What? A social visit just to cuss and carrying on in the streets?… I think not. He was accused of being an adulterer and whether priest,pastor,minister,Anglican,Baptist whatever He is HUMAN with feelings and at the stake of upholding his reputation as a priest on a small island, he went to confront the situation to defend himself and his church community.
    Mrs. Humes is one that has been highly spoken about when it comes to her job and she assisted many since she got here. To have an argument over the Govt. car is petty n silly especially if you own a car. The Bimini Tram is available every 10-15 mins if you don’t have a ride of your own to take you where ever you need to go.
    Being envious to obtain a head position is sad when you have to say horrible things about your co-worker. It is said that fighting and lying is the way Mrs. Rahming operates and cannot be able to hold a job for to long because of her temper and in this case trouble making with her employees.
    TREES do talk in Bimini and so does Mrs. Rahming yes just her side of the story.

  5. In response to “TRUTH”, I agree with you she doesn’t say she is a social worker or a case worker but she infers that she should be considered as such or on the same level as the Office Manager. She may not be entitled to use the car if the car is there for the office manager/social worker. The car may well not be hers to use(Rahming) and the office manager was perhaps given responsibility for the vehicle..the decision who can drive the car no doubt comes from Nassau. And if Ms Humes is responsible for the car she may well be in her rights to be the only driver. Perhaps the car is not for the secretary to use at all.

    Again, the situation was unfortunate but its a tempest in a teapot. Mrs Rahming’s whining makes her appear petty and small. The situation needs to be resolved by adults acting as adults on all sides. I hope they move forward and quickly to a resolution.
    The Social Services Department in Bimini plays an important role on our island and we need it to effective and functional.

  6. Response to “Someone who knows”
    I don’t see nowhere in the letter where it said she was a case worker or social worker! Right is right and wrong is wrong whether she’s a case worker, secretary, man, woman, boy, or girl, The Priest should not be cursing in public and then allowed to go on the Pulpit to preach! And maybe if her husband wasn’t there they might have tried to hurt her for real!

    • Man the more I read this the more I am cracking up and laughing to the floor. Was the priest robbed in his black robe and wore a cross? WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS? I wonder where that Bishop cozier is look like we gat another Father Brown in Bimini. LOL!


  7. This letter is so self serving and disingenuous. Mrs Rahming I believe is only a secretary at the Social services office. She is not a social worker she is not a case worker. And she shouldnt try to make it seem she is more than she is.
    There was an incident at the office and Bimini people know that. It seems an unfortunate incident too. But to suggest the priest was going to kill the secretary is ridiculous.
    Mrs Humes has been an effective case worker in Bimini. She is known to be fair. I have not heard anyone say ever that she talks about clients business.
    There was some incident, yes,but cool heads need to prevail.
    The letter that was signed “memnbers of the Bimini community” I would suggest be only a few members…maybe four or five, two or three
    The letter does neither side in the furore any justice. It is a rant and nothing more.

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