Prince Hall Tief Threatens BP in Email


What in the hell is dis?

Nassau, Bahamas — Uriel “Rabbie Da Tief” Johnson has gone mad! Seems like BP must have touched a raw nerve or caused him some problems when we ran our story about him on Monday.

This tiefin degenerate had the nerve to write BP an email saying what he is going to do to BP if BP “don’t stop handling his name”. Well we have news for him! BP is not the Defense Force officer who let him point a gun at him and get away. BP’s weapon is all in words. Tiefin’ Rabbie doesn’t want BP to go postal on him and tell the world about the private medical clinic’s records of how many woman had to come in to be treated for the Gonorrhea that he gave to them including the one prancing around with him in Prince Hall Lodge and the one who lost her “young belly” from this disease.

Well BP is going to show you what he wrote verbatim. This is from a man who calls himself a professional and who Prince Hall Lodge allowed to sit in the prestigious position of Worshipful Master for two whole years. Read this:

“Whoev you is, you need to stop f****** with me because I will fine you and lice your a**. You comeng like you like man but I will show your a** what man is get. Step watching me and watch yor ma p****. If you don not step handling my name you will see what man get.”

That was written by the former worshipful master and Sigma fraternity brother and sent to BP in threat. BP does not want to be “liced” by Da Tief who should remember that he may not have lice but he certainly has Gonorrhea. BP recommends that Da Tief stop tiefing and start using spell check or learn how to write a proper sentence before he “steps” to BP. BP also recommends that Da Tief has monthly check ups to make sure his “itching crotch” has subsided.

Da Tief was awarded his 33rd degree for reasons which are a mystery to all those in the Masonic world. Good and decent brothers were passed over for this masonic menace to receive the highest honor any mason can aspire for.

He has ten children with eight different woman, stole from his lodge on several occasions, gets all fresh up to juice stupid women who don’t know of his reputation, has pulled a fire arm on a military officer and you all know the story of the “itching crotch”. What manner of man is this to have this high degree bestowed on him? What in the hell is this?

Now BP start spilling the REAL beans on Da Tief we hope he knows what he is getting himself into. Maybe he will think twice before getting all fresh up and writing threats to BP again. To Da Tief, BP says, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Come back with your threats and we will set off the iceberg that sank the Titanic on you.

We report! Yinner decide!!