Radio Broadcaster at ZNS Vaughn Miller is Rockin WIT DOC and the FNM and will get the party’s nomination for Golden Isles…


Vaughn Miller

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press can confirm radio announcer and senior manager for radio at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas Vaughn Miller will be named the Free National Movement candidate for the Golden Isles seat in the upcoming general elections.

Miller applied to the FNM for the South and Central Eleuthera seat, however, he was declined and the nomination was given to Hank Johnson.

Miller is a pastor of a local church in the area of Golden Isles and resides in the area. He, before 2012, worked in the Ministry of Toruism’s CTO office in Florida, but was sent home under Papa Regime.

The broadcaster was returned to a key position under the Christie Government, heading up radio in the Corporation around the table.

BP told the PLP via this page days ago how PLPs were not reporting for duty or registering. We warned how the PLP war room had now been infiltrated with FNMs and dey are about to catch hell. Here today we are getting this news: Miller is now Rockin Wit Doc!

Boy, I tell ya!

We report yinner decide!