Radio songstress Sister Merriam Webb perishes in morning house fire on Cat Island…


Detectives from New Providence are now on the scene to examine the exact cause of death!

Mrs. Merriam Webb
Mrs. Merriam Webb

Dumfries, Cat Island – Bahamas Press is now reporting the death of Mrs. Merriam Webb, a songstress who graced the national airwaves of Drive Time Talk every day with host Lady Philippa Russell.

Police confirmed around 7 am this morning that it was a 6 am fire in Dumfries, Cat Island that claimed the life of an elderly woman.

Callers called into the talk show all day today expressing sadness and regret about the tragedy.

Mrs Webb is believed to have lived alone in the home at the time of the incident. Detectives are right now at the scene and will report back to the capital following their investigations.

We report yinner decide!




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