Reaching Ripped Abs


By: Diego Morales.

Personal Trainer Certified


One of the most common questions that our clients ask us every day is “how do I get not just a flat stomach but also abs muscle?”  Most people start a training program believing that in order to develop firm abs they need to do several repetitions of abdominal exercises and train too hard. There are even people who are looking for extra “fast solutions” or purchase equipment for electrical stimulation in order to get the six pack in no time. However, the problem in getting abs and a flat stomach lies mainly due to the fat that accumulates in the abdomen, the so called “love handles, rolls.

The abs are there all the time and attainable however, what happens is that they are covered by a layer of abdominal fat which covers them. As a result, when people train incorrectly and too hard they are easily discouraged when they do not see the results they want. The goal is to get rid of the fat layer.

To get a flat stomach or six pack, you must first change your training program, we suggest to focus more on cardio vascular training while working on crunches too. Second, you need a nutrition program appropriate for your goals. This perfect blend of vascular training and nutrition will lead to lower body fat percentage and soon you will see an amazing change in your abdomen.

In conclusion we need to:
• focus more on cardiovascular exercise at least three times per week 45 minutes.
• eat healthy, avoid junk food and control your daily calorie level.
• continue your muscle training too which will help you lower your body fat and tone your muscles.


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