Reduced banking hours a potential superspreader



The Central Bank of the Bahamas

Dear Editor,

Commonwealth Bank has changed their banking hours to half-day, claiming it is “due to COVID-19 precautions”. This decision is ridiculous. What is the real agenda here?

Did they seek advice from the health professionals? Did the Banking Association approve this?

At the onset of COVID-19, banks eliminated Saturday banking and extended Friday banking hours, which greatly assisted customers who work long hours. This reduction to half-day is not only impractical, it is a potential superspreader as clusters of persons are piled up outside on long lines to conduct business during the restricted hours.

This is irresponsible and poor planning on Commonwealth Bank’s part as not all services are available online — for example, Xmas Club withdrawal, bank drafts, US currency, etc, must be conducted in branch.

As COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future, does this mean half-day banking will as well?

Every other essential service has resumed normal working hours, abiding by the recommended health and safety protocols. There should be no difference for banks.

I would love to hear an explanation from Commonwealth Bank, the Banking Association and the Minister of Health on this.


Seriously concerned