Rev. Lying Laing has at least one convert; Kenyatta Gibson

Rev. Lying Laing and his sole convert, Kenyatta Gibson in the Parliament last week.

This is how the Parliament looked last week as Rev. Lying Laing wrapped up his contribution in the House. He had one convert, Kenyatta Gibson, who was participating in his last budget contribution in the House as an MP.

Gibson you will remember left the PLP and ran to the FNM all to now find himself without any seat in the upcoming elections. He could be seen holding Rev. Laing’s charts in the Parliament like a water boy begging for mercy.

BP once became excited when it was time to listen to Gibson’s fiery delivery as s speaker for the PLP. Whenever he spoke, he boomed like a clapping thunder for the People.

Today he has been spayed and neutered like a BIG DAMN PUSSY CAT! Hushed like a church mouse dressed in altar garments. His days of thunder are gone and are replaced with quiet, hushed flatulent oratory. How sad, look what Papa has done to him. Not a pin can be heard from the soon to be former MP for Kennedy.

BP has learnt is it possible, Craig Butler, could clinch the FNM nomination for Kennedy. And das what ya get when ya run from da people.


  1. Kenyatta low-life Gibson,has turned to his homosexual partner in crime;who ran for the Foreign Nudity Mess in St.
    Thomas Moore in the last General Election for pay back: The exchange is now, give me your nomination for St.Thomas Moore in place of our little dirty Chipman,Jordine,and Catasan deal: bet ya tink we fa get.

  2. Funny story BP. Kenyatta is as good as gone, and he knows it. But I was thinking as I read the end of your story that there are two angles you can approach the Craig Butler situation. The first being that perhaps, Mr. Christie should allow the party constituencies to decide if they want Mr. Butler. They may not want him and it would have put the PLP in a position to say we didn’t block you but the people of the constituency did. Personally I think this would have been the best course of action. Furthermore, Mr. Chrisitie is asking the party and the people for a second chance. I believe Mr. Butler should have that same opportunity. If the people reject him, then so be it. But it should not be left to a few party insiders to make that decision. Let him go through the process and duke it out with the other prospective candidates.

    From another angle it could be said that Mr. Butler and the certain families in this country have a sense of entitlement. In the most respectful way I make this point. But I got so annoyed when I heard the nonsense that Loretta Butler go on with in the house. The Bahamian people respect the contributions of Sir Milo Butler and others who laid the groundwork for our development. But it doesn’t give their children or grandchildren and free pass parliament. There appears to be an oligarchy in this country that believes they should have it all. Mr. Butler is not entitled to any seat and the same applies to any candidate on both sides of the aisle. The people of those communities must decide.

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