Robber fell to his death on Shirley Street


Rodney E<<< The Rodney E. Bain Building on Shirley Streets.

A would-be robber found his death today at the Rodney E. Bain Building on Shirley Street. The middle aged man was found slumped on the ground of the building after trying to get into the abandon building at the second floor.

Bloodstains from the second floor of a shattered glass could be seen, however, it is believed the man fell from the second floor to his death. EMS confirm he died a slow death. The man bled to death.

It is believed he cut himself after shattering a window on the second floor where bloodstains were visibly seen.



  1. when i heard of this my first response was thats good for he arss too like teef. and then i said wow now imagine the shame his family will face to now go have to bury him. sorta like the guy who was shot dead in fergies meat mart on east st south a couple months back. wow i think his funeral was super quiet ay? did anyone ever go indentify him?

  2. This is just too embarrassing the way this man died and I feel for the person(s) who has to be the ones to go and identify his body, because if it was me, I don’t think I would have been able to find the gall to go. I don’t care what his reason were it could never be  justify. This is against the law of the Bible and it is against the law of the land.

      • Lizard he dead and gone, so now he don’t have nothing to worry about, but it his family who now have to deal with this embarrassment. These people is go doing these things and they don’t care how these things is affect their family. To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I would have been even able to make it to the funeral. No, he didn’t have to go out like this.

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