Senior marine engage UK based legal team as wicked victimization rules on the RBDF through Commodore King!

RBDF Commodore Raymond King

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting rank victimization on the Royal Bahamas Defence Force by Raymond King aka FNM puppet! We have lost all respect and confidence in the Commodore of the RBDF and his most recent actions are shameless, to say the least!

We have evidence where known operatives or supporters of the governing party are being celebrated and those who appear as non-supporters are being blatantly victimized!

For example, in the recent promotions a key senior marine, who bravely spoke out against FNM cronies and favouritism, was sent to an outpost for TWO YEARS! This decision by the Commodore was the first time ever in the Force’s history that any marine or officer was sent to a hardship island for such a long time without any consideration or regard for his family.

Well, this decision by King to punish the senior marine is about to get hot, because the senior marine has quietly engaged the advice of legal experts including two noted Queen’s Counsels, one from the United Kingdom who is a family friend.

The Senior Marine is highly respected by his colleagues and is politically connected on both sides of the political divide. It ain’t long now.

Some other marines who were sent to such hardship never went! Das how much disrespect they hold for the Commodore! One being a Captain never went to hardship, nor his second in command, who instead ran to another self appointed post.

Looka dat! Not even the senior commanders respect King – and BP ain’t gat none for him – HE WUTLESS … just like Minnis.

We report yinner decide!