Son of the late Prophetess Knowles died on Tuesday morning battling Covid19


Son and mother dies just days apart…

NASSAU | Just last week it was the mother, Prophetess Patricia Knowles, who suddenly passed away, and on Tuesday morning it was her son Kayvon Knowles who died suddenly battling Covid19.

The late Prophetess Knowles was the Asst. General Overseer at the Great Deliverance Pentecostal Ministries. Her husband Bishop Elijah Knowles is also battling the deadly virus.

Bahamians must pay strict attention and save yourselves from catching the deadly Delta strain in country. We must excerise serious precautions in this pandemic.

The United States has announced a new travel advisory on the country warning Americans traveling here. The Bahamas joins CDC’s “Do Not Travel” list on Monday; as The US State Dept hands down Level 4 advisory.

Only BP is putting faces to these many – many deaths where entire families are being wiped out and every behaving as if this is normal.

Pray for the country and these many family members now affected.

Prophetess Knowles is the sister of current MP for MICAL Miriam Emmanuel.

We report yinner decide!