Spiteful Uncouth Minister Fires Managing Director of Bahamas Mortgage Corporation


The man who Mother Pratt dubbed the ‘Uncircumcised Philistine’, Kenneth ‘Da Janitor’ Russell.

Nassau, Bahamas — Another civil servant has fallen following a back and forth argument with the incompetent, unfit, unskillful and uncouth minister of housing, Kenneth ‘Da Janitor’ Russell.

Mortgage Corporation Managing Director, Jerome Godfrey, was axed and sent back to the ministry of housing. Bahamas Press has learned Godfrey was summoned to a board meeting where he was delivered the bad news by the government early this week.

Our source inside the Mortgage Corp. noted that Godfrey and the Minister did not get along. “The minister is an idiot and wanted Mr. Godfrey something that was ultra vires to the Housing Act.”

This, we understand led to his dismissal. Mr. Godfery had shown up the minister’s lack of comprehension of the articles in the Housing Act. BP now calls for the minister’s head to roll as it is alleged, he wanted Mr. Godfrey to break the law.

BP is also getting reports at this hour that the unsuccessful FNM candidate in Elizabeth, Dr. Duane Sands, is about to assume the duties of as Chairman of the Mortgage Corporation of the Bahamas. Our readers would recall it was Bahamas Press that exposed Sands for the comments he made about the good people of Lizzy. He called them “Greedy” and was resounded defeated after all the money pumped into the by-election by Papa and the FNM machinery.

We are further advised that current Chairman, Kenyatta Gibson, will return as Chairman of the Gaming Board. BP is following these developments.

A picture tells a thousands words.


  1. Kenneth Russell day’s are numbered he destroyed the national insurance board, it’ housing time!! The dum dum of parliament what a shame. Civil servants who cares about their country and who are honest these fellas don’t want them around. Remember the people put you their dum Kenneth and we will remove you. We know you don’t care because you have that big pension coming I hope you live to enjoy it mr spitfull

  2. What more can we expect from an incompetent spiteful and oppressive Govt?We have all seen what has transpired in other countries in the last two weeks and must ensure that this lousy crew do not run up the national debt to the detriment of any succeeding Govt.The FNM are ensuring that the economy is so ruined that they can duck blame.Senior civil servants must not allow this devious Govt to cause them to sell their integrity on the altar of expediency.Dr Sands needs to just stay in his chosen profession and not mix with dirty laundry.I still say 10/10 the Bible 10 and will vote to push these misfits out of the door.

  3. Please put this “leader” in front of a microphone and ask him to read one simple paragraph without rehearsal.

  4. We desperately need to upgrade the leadership of this country at all levels. The time is long past for sub par persons who succeed in the popularity contest called an election to assume that this makes them all knowing. Too many competent persons in the service are dictated to by ministers and persons placed over them based on political favor, who are totally unfit. We will not survive as a nation if this continues.

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