Staff at AG Office in cuss out match with AG! Changes to security at the Paul Adderley Building has left staff trapped and locked out of offices…


AG OFFICE is now a Fire Hazards

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Senator the Hon. Carl Bethel (centre right) .

Nassau – Bahamas Press is reporting this afternoon that a near riot has erupted deep inside the Office of the Attorney General this morning following a meeting.

BP is learning a meeting with the Attorney General and staff did not end well after it ended in a cussing match and came near blows.

We understand an abrupt change in security at the AG building has forced staff to be locked in with tight security, which has limited the staff’s movements in and out the building.

During the meeting, tough questions were put as to why staff inside the Government’s legal office were being treated like prisoners without any ample notice of access in or out of the building.

We are learning some legal officers who work late and on weekends are also not being allowed inside the office.

Right now we are learning that the building has become a fire hazard as disruptions continue with protests of the displeasure by workers.

BP understands some firm connected to a politician has implemented the changes, which are causing mayhem at the office.

We report yinner decide!