Staff at the Cat Island Administrator’s Office in New Bight all walked off the job demanding the removal of the Island’s Administrator!


NASSAU| Cat Island Administrator is getting a baptism in CAT ISLAND medicine as all workers at the New Bight Administrator’s office have walked off the job with a promise to not return until the newly appointed Island Administrator is removed.

The decision by staff came after the newly appointed administrator began running the office into the ground, disrespecting senior staff and behaving rude, crude and ungodly way to the team.

One islander told BP, “….we will now go down from that place and send a clear message to the Government sitting in New Providence that Cat Islanders will no longer comply with this kind of wutless-ness sent to run the affairs of the government on the island. The present Administrator is highly unprofessional and disrespectful!”

We understand the administrator is now handicapped with no thought on what to do after today and has been rendered useless to the island.

As the saying goes – YA TOUCH ONE YA TOUCH ALL! Dese people BRAVE EH?

It ain’t long nah! Minnis the collapse has begun!

We report yinner decide!