"Take your instructions, we buying the Bahamas!"



“Do what you are told and carry your *** back to the Bahamas and deliver the bill.” Now this is the kind of LACKEY we have running the Bahamas today. He listens to everyone else but Bahamains. Bahamians are catching HELL and Hubert Ingraham could careless what happens to that single mother who cannot buy grocery. The young mother with hungry children now crying for food! Something is wrong with this leader who refuses to convene a NATIONAL SUMMIT to sit with leaders and iron out ways to deal with the crisis! WE NEED CHANGE!


  1. Drama King, you know how I feel about you. You, WOW! and generalcrazy were some of the first friends I made in here. You guys were so funny, that’s one of the reasons I kept coming back. It feels great to make wonderful internet friends, while being able to express your opinion about what is going on in the country the same time. Our views are making a differences, thank you BP for allowing us the opportunity to be able to speak our minds. BP is the land of Democracy!

    PS. Drama, I notice those days when you were MIA. You know I enjoy reading your post, how could you stay away so long?….lol

  2. Hi Tristan, thank you for your honesty and kind words and I am happy to be apart of the BP family, like all family you would have your disagreements, so when you feel that I am wrong about something please feel free to let me know, so I can reevaluate my personal views. I normally enjoy reading your posts, majority of the time you seem to be on target.

  3. I concur with both Tristan and Omar. Luv ya Kim !

    H.I. seems to have totally lost his popularity. Drunk Again !!…LOL

  4. Hi Kim, I enjoy your posts. Sometimes I donot agree with you but I respect everything you say and you always make sense. You are passionate about what you do whenever you contribute here so i would like for you to continue. You are the best!!

  5. Puppet. Natural puppet. The freedom fighter of yesterday is now the oppressor of the day. Natural puppet.

  6. Joe Blow I don’t know if you and the other bloggers could sense it, but I am a very emotional person. What you have just said almost brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate them and I see you as a online friend.

  7. Kim: There is no way in this wide world that anyone could possibly hate you. You have a sense of humour and an iquiring mind and you say just what you think with no bad intention or malice.You are also kind and that is a rare thing.

  8. Joe Blow: the only reason I participate in this website, is because they usually point out the wrong from both parties. If I felt that they was trying to sabotage any one party, I would not be apart of it. I enjoy hearing the valuable contributions from all bloggers and I respect everybody for their views. I don’t care if they are FNMs or PLPs, once they are making sense, I will agree with them and I too get a kick out of making fun of both parties or other situations, when I am in the that mood. I realize that sometimes, I could be annoying or upsetting to other bloggers, but that’s just me. Either you will like me or you will hate me.

  9. Joe Blow I don’t know if you are referring to BP, but if you are your statement is not fair. I have seen BP cover stories on both parties.

  10. Joe Blow I couldn’t agree more. In these times all I see and hear is the same B.S. blame game with no solution by the people who have so much to say. If the writer of this article has all these answers then why doesn’t he/she get off his/her a*# and do something about it.

  11. Bennie: Some persons just like to read into things, anything they think will further their agenda. Though they preach they are fair to all sides and present only the facts they make it abundantly clear that it is not so.

  12. This picture here make the Prime Minister looks like he being manipulated. I don’t know if that’s the case, but that’s how it looks….lol…

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